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Selenium Now In Capsule Form

Selenium Now In Capsule Form

We have just launched our new Selenium product, now in capsule form and increased from 100mcg to 200mcg


Selenium is essential for supporting a strong immune system, a healthy heart and an improved digestive system. Research has linked several common cancers to selenium deficiency, including breast and prostate cancer and 70 – 80% of Brits are estimated to be deficient


Other Benefits of Selenium:

-  It helps block the entry to cells of harmful Antigens 

-  It helps reduce Inflammation 

-  It helps prevent and treat Autoimmune Disease 

-  Research shows that 200mcg of selenium daily helps prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). 

-  It improves prostate function and can help to prevent enlarged prostate


The new capsule is 200mg, which is the daily amount we recommend. Selenium supplements are normally in the chemical form of Selenomethionine or Sodium selenite, neither of which have the protective effect and anti-cancer properties of Foodstate Selenium


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