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Essential Fats

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Essential Fatty Acid Complex (EFA)

EFA's are unsaturated fatty acids that are regarded as essential for human life.

The body can synthesise most of the fats it needs from the diet apart from 2, linolenic and alpha-linoleic acid, which cannot be synthesised in the body and must be obtained from food.

These basic fats, found in plant foods, are used to build omega-3 and omega-6 fats.

Fats are vulnerable to exposure to light and air, however the Food State process protects the fats from damage.

60 x Vegan capsules

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Omega-3 Fish Oil

Our Omega 3 Fish Oil provides high potency DHA-EPA (omega 3) fatty acids that help maintain:

  • - A healthy heart and circulation
  • - Proper brain function

It is extracted from whole fish (sardine & anchovy) with the livers removed.

Omega 3 is generally lower than desirable in the fatty acid balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6. Omega 3 is a ‘’good’’ fat which cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be obtained through diet or supplementation

60 x capsules

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