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Energy Boosting Package

Low energy levels may be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, poor sleep patterns of an underactive thyroid. One thing is guaranteed – it ruins your day.

Whether you are a keen sports-person or simply need an energy boost to get you through the day, there are 4 recommended foodstate products that we regard as “energy-yielding”, i.e. they give us energy

Contains one of each of the following:

Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10, Magnesium, Multi Vitamin-Mineral, Vitamin B Complex

£73.00 excl VAT

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Immune Boosting Package

Do you ever stop and consider why some people get colds and flu in winter and some people sail through winter without so much as a sniffle? And the answer has nothing to do with the flu jab

How Strong Is Your Immune System? It would be ridiculous to assume that some people get exposed to winter bugs and others don’t – we all get exposed to them. Some people have weaker immunities and get ill, others have stronger immunities and stay healthy. The strength of your immune system is directly and indirectly linked to the quality of your life

Contains one of each of the following:

Multi Vitamin/Mineral, Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10, Vitamin C, Probiotic E505

£81.00 excl VAT

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Improved Digestion Package

The importance of an efficient digestive system cannot be underestimated, and we have never lived in an era when our diet is so polluted with refined and processed food, putting huge demands on our digestive system.

A strong immune system is intrinsically linked to an efficient gut, and here are 3 Foodstate products that support healthy digestion

Contains one of each of the following:

Probiotic E505, Caprylic Acid, Bromelain

£58.00 excl tax

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Stress Busting Package

It’s been estimated that nearly 80% of our visits to the doctor are due to stress related illness or conditions, and coping with negative emotional states has become a priority in our healthcare system.

Emotional distress manifests itself in physical disease yet we don’t always make the link

Stress is demonstrated through Cognitive, Emotional, Physical and Behavioral symptoms

Contains one of each of the following:

Karoshil, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium

£79.50 excl tax

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