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Q: What is foodstate?

Ans: Foodstate refers to the form in which the nutrient is created, i.e. in a food “state”. Virtually all nutrients in supplements are created in an “isolated” form, and they never exist in this form in live food anywhere on this planet. Nutrients in live food are created as fully formed food nutrients with all the delivery elements present that allow the nutrient to be delivered to a receptor site in the body. This is how the food chain works and this is how Foodstate supplements are made


Q: Why is Foodstate better?

Ans: We create our nutrients as fully formed foods so they are much better absorbed used and retained than ordinary supplements, which are all created with the same manufactured synthetic chemicals. Nature has created us to recognise food nutrients, not synthetic chemicals


Q: Is Foodstate the same as wholefood?

Ans: No. Wholefood is a very generic term without any real definition whereas Foodstate very specifically relates to fully formed food nutrients created in the same structure as those found in food


Q: How are foodstate supplements made?

Ans: Isolated nutrients are “fed” in to a growing medium that best suits the particular nutrient, then grown over a period of up to 2 weeks until the nutrient is fully formed. We are emulating the exact same process that a plant uses when it extracts an isolated nutrient from the soil and turns it in to a food nutrient. We refer to is as a “growth and budding” process which is fundamentally different to fermentation


Q: What is the difference between foodstate supplements and ordinary supplements?

Ans: In nature, nutrients are created with a number of carrier food factors (CFF’s) that effectively create a delivery system to take the nutrient to an appropriate receptor site. These CFF’s are mainly carbohydrates, lipo-proteins, glyco-proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes and fats. Virtually all supplements are made simply from the isolated vitamin or mineral without any of these essential co-factors present


Q: Why are foodstate supplements better absorbed?

Ans: It is because the foodstate nutrients are fully-formed food nutrients rather than isolated synthetic, chemical nutrients, so our bodies recognise them and we have receptor sites for them. That is how the food chain works


Q: Are foodstate supplements natural?

Ans: Yes in so far as the nutrients are in identical form to those in live food. Ordinary mineral supplements, which do not resemble food nutrients in any way shape or form, are often misleadingly called “natural”. The calcium in an oyster shell for example is natural, but is totally inorganic and pointless for us to consume, yet nearly all mineral supplements are in this inorganic state


Q: Are foodstate supplements organic?

Ans: Officially, there is no such thing as “organic” vitamin and mineral supplements. Many companies refer to their supplements as “natural” which is misleading because they are made invariably in synthetic, chemical form. Our foodstate supplements cannot be referred to as organic, but they are certainly closer to “natural” than any other type of supplement


Q: Why are foodstate supplements in lower dosage?

Ans: It’s because they are much better absorbed used and retained than ordinary supplements. Our Calcium for example is 30mg whereas most inorganic forms are up to 1000mg. Human adults need 30mg per day of food calcium so that is what we provide, rather than 1000mg of inorganic calcium that is very difficult to absorb


Q: Can I take foodstate supplements with my medication?

Ans: Foodstate supplements are very safe and without any of the contra-indications that are sometimes associated with ordinary supplements. It would be very rare for our products to interfere with medications, in fact in many cases food nutrients help with the delivery of medications in to the body. If in doubt always refer to your Doctor


Q: Do we need supplements?

Ans: The reality is our farm soils are desperately depleted of the essential nutrients that existed 100 years ago. Plants don’t make nutrients, they simply extract them from the soil and turn them in to a form we cannot benefit from, so logically, we should take supplements, although our advice is to only take foodstate supplements


Q: Can we store vitamins and minerals?

Ans: In most cases yes although there are exceptions, for example Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that we can’t store, so daily replenishment is required. Our bodies can store foodstate nutrients much better than ordinary nutrients because we can recognise them properly


Q: Can I take foodstate supplements if I am yeast intolerant?

Ans. Absolutely. We use nutritional yeast as a growing medium for several of our products because it is such an effective, nutritionally complete growing medium. There is no hint whatsoever of yeast in the finished product, it is completely removed during manufacture and is entirely safe even for people who are highly yeast intolerant


Q: Can you take too many supplements?

Ans: In foodstate form they are very safe and you can take numerous supplements per day without any concerns about overdosing or toxicity. Because they are food nutrients our bodies absorb what it needs and either safely stores or eliminates what it doesn’t. With synthetic, chemical nutrients we cannot store or eliminate them as easily because we do not recognise them as foods. Also, certain ordinary supplements can cause intestinal discomfort, for example Vitamin C and Iron supplements. You do not experience this discomfort with the foodstate equivalent


Q: Should we take them with food?

Ans. In most cases, we recommend that you take foodstate supplements away from food because they are foods in their own right. With ordinary supplements you are told to take them with food in the hope that you get some protein binding with the food in your stomach to improve absorption. Ours are already fully formed with protein chaperones, so you don’t need to take them with food