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10 Dietary Tips for a Healthier Body – After All, It’s Almost Summer!

10 Dietary Tips for a Healthier Body – After All, It’s Almost Summer!

If the thought of dieting fills you with dread then try instead making some simple changes to your daily eating habits and see your health improve

  1. Essentially, reduce animal protein as much as possible. Consider meat more as a treat rather than a daily meal choice


  1. Eliminate all margarines and other health spreads, despite what the clever advertising says. Instead eat cow’s butter (organic if possible) sparingly


  1. Consume as much raw and ripe foods as comfortable on a daily basis. The guideline is to try to eat 20% of your total daily intake as raw foods


  1. Only eat organic eggs that are genuinely free range from poultry that has received proper foods and not chemical pellets. Commercially farmed chickens are nearly always fed chemical pellets


  1. Plastic containers contain chemical residues that are not helpful with regard our immune system and hormone balance. Never put plastic in the oven or microwave


  1. Eliminate all refined foods, sucrose (white sugar), white bread and non organic pasta.


  1. Avoid negative emotional states and participate in a sport that offers a healthy distraction. If you are stressed try yoga or meditation


  1. Avoid all fizzy carbonated drinks (including water) manufactured with refined sugars. These are sugars ending in “ose” such as sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose. Sweeteners (often found in diet products) are even worse


  1. Quit smoking and drink alcohol sensibly


  1. Take a food-based daily multi-nutrient to replace the vitamins and minerals that are no longer in our farm soils. Once a year, take a course of Probiotic to improve digestion and nutrient absorption


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