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Blog posts of '2012' 'September'

The Healing Power of Selenium Selenium is a trace element that occurs naturally in the soil and is absorbed by plants and crops, from where it enters the human food chain directly or through consumption of meat and other products from grazing animals. Selenium is essential to a proper immune system and boosts our defences and resistance to infection. It improves male fertility and prevents miscarriage. Low levels are associated with depression and other mental disorders and high levels help prevent cancer. Deficient levels in the diet may even have played a role in the emergence of new strains of the flu virus in China
Detoxification of the Liver The significance to good health and proper liver function is fundamental. The liver processes three pints of blood per minute, and therefore has considerable influence over the quality of fluids circulating around the body delivering nutrients and facilitating the removal of waste. The liver’s main functions are in digestion, assimilation of nutrients, storage of resources, red blood cell production and detoxification. The latter is the most vital to the body’s wellbeing.