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Blog posts of '2017' 'June'

In health terms if you have a strong immunity not much else matters Despite an abundance of food in the West, never has the immune system been so exposed to chemically produced foods. Our immunity exists to protect our body from disease, so supporting it is fundamental to our health. There are many lifestyle aspects to consider, including stress, emotions and diet, which create an imbalance to our health
Garlic – when it comes to health it’s a breath of fresh air! Garlic has been used since ancient times for optimum health
Manageable daily support for Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes is often referred to as a lifestyle disease, brought on by a combination of lifestyle factors. What is very clear is that the dramatic rise in this disease will put enormous pressure on healthcare services, not only due to the insulin treatment associated with it, but in the number of serious diseases that diabetes can lead to, and this is where our combination formula can help
Skin is often better treated from the inside! At this time we year we are regularly reminded about protecting our skin from over-exposure to sun. My first suggestion is to buy good quality organic sun-screen. There is growing evidence that the nasty chemicals in regular sun-screens are damaging to your skin, especially with their interaction with the sun’s rays. Yaoh and Jason are 2 organic creams I recommend.
Itchy eyes? Streaming Nose? It’s Hayfever season! At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century, Hayfever was first recognised by a physician who described his own symptoms. He called it seasonal catarrh (catarrh aestivus). The condition was so uncommon pre-industrial revolution that it took him nearly ten years to identify a handful of other sufferers. Now it is twice as common in towns as it is in the country, mainly due to vehicle pollution and the effect of sunlight on it (petrochemical smog as it is known). It now affects 20% of the population with the peak age of twenty years for contracting this.
30% of modern disease processes can be linked to low or harmful water intake! Reproduction: Research has shown that water chlorine levels are directly related to lower sperm counts and increased miscarriages in the USA. We know from research that the daily requirement for water increases during pregnancy - morning sickness also occurs when insufficient water is consumed by the Mother and morning sickness may be a manifestation of thirst from the unborn foetus.
Stressed out by the Election? Stress seems to have become an everyday part of our lives in the West and it’s affecting our health
Exam Time! Do your kids need some Brain Food? If, like many parents, you are in the throes of kids exams, you may want to help them with some effective brain food.
A View on Healthy Eyesight As we age, so our vision deteriorates, but there are a few nutrients that a closely connected to the health of the eyes:
Cleaning the Gut in a Pleasant Way! Modern diets, over consumption of stimulant foods and the use of preservatives in food has caused significant digestive problems. We also consume a great deal more meat than at any time in our history and it is estimated that the average meat eater holds between 5lb and 6lb of compacted putrefactic meat in the gut. Stomach and colon cancer are amongst the most common cancers today, so maintaining a healthy gut is fundamental to overall health