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A View on Healthy Eyesight

As we age, so our vision deteriorates, but there are a few nutrients that a closely connected to the health of the eyes:

Essential Fatty Acids are known to improve sight and colour perception

Kelp is also a source of Zeaxanthin which protects the macula of the eye. Our Organic Kelp is a superior grade and is naturally “nutrient dense” and contains a broad spectrum of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, micro-nutrients, carotenoids and prebiotics, and together, these act as catalysts in the body that stimulate vital enzyme reactions


Magnesium: Poor eye health is more common in people with Magnesium deficiency. 8 out of 10 Brits are deficient in this vital mineral


Substances that deplete Magnesium: Alcohol, Caffeine, Lactose, Refined sugars, Various vegetable syrups such as corn syrup, Saturated Fatty Acids, Aluminium Fluoride, and High dose calcium supplements. Some Protein drinks, Synthetic Vitamin D. Endurance exercise can increase the excretion of magnesium

Avoid ordinary Magnesium supplements:

There are over 25 different types of chemical-form supplements, often called “natural”.

Magnesium is only transmitted across the intestinal mucous when bound to a specific protein carrier, as it is in live food and in foodstate form. Unless it is in this form, not only will it not be transported, but it may block absorption of other magnesium molecules and even affect the absorption of other metal elements such as iron, zinc and calcium.