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Exam Time! Do your kids need some Brain Food?

If, like many parents, you are in the throes of kids exams, you may want to help them with some effective brain food.


Brain: The brain is largely composed of lipids (fats), a large part of which is EPA and DHA. DHA is particularly important for youngsters, as it is essential for the healthy development of brain and eye tissue. Shortage of both DHA and EPA has been linked to developmental and behavioural disorders in children, and supplementation of both in sufferers has shown spectacular improvement in both these areas

And it’s pretty helpful in other aspects too:

Heart: The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil helps prevent heart disease. They:

  • Prevent arrhythmias

  • Help form heart protective hormones

  • Have anti-inflammatory properties

  • Inhibit inflammatory potentiators

  • Are anti-thrombotic

  • Have ability to lower blood fats

  • Inhibit plaque formation in the blood

  • Reduce cholesterol

Total mortality has been improved in several studies in which the omega-3 was increased. In one study, men who consumed salmon twice a week had a 70% less likelihood of cardiac arrest than those who ate less or no fish at all

Lungs: DHA and EPA help the body to form anti-inflammatory hormones, helping to prevent allergic reactions and reduce the incidence of inflammatory respiratory disease

Skin: EPA/DHA and some of the essential omega 6 fatty acids too help to keep our skin supple, youthful and prevent dryness, premature ageing and line formation.

Fertility: DHA and EPA support the health of the reproductive system (ovaries and uterus) as well as encouraging healthy sperm production

Joints: The anti-inflammatory action of DHA and EPA is very helpful to those with arthritis and any joint problems

Circulation: Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) particularly DHA and EPA, help to keep blood flowing and make it less sticky. Oily fish do not freeze in frozen seas due to the "anti-freeze"-like effect of these essential fatty acids and the same mechanism helps to keep our blood from clotting too readily

What about supplements?

Although cod liver oil contains good levels of EPA and DHA, sadly many of our oceans are now polluted and these pollutants collect in the livers of oily fish. We remove the livers and extract the oil from the whole fish, so you can be assured that our fish oil product is absolutely clean, stable and has no trace of any of the ocean pollutants, heavy metals etc. (Detection is now possible in parts per million)