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Cleaning the Gut in a Pleasant Way!

Modern diets, over consumption of stimulant foods and the use of preservatives in food has caused significant digestive problems. We also consume a great deal more meat than at any time in our history and it is estimated that the average meat eater holds between 5lb and 6lb of compacted putrefactic meat in the gut. Stomach and colon cancer are amongst the most common cancers today, so maintaining a healthy gut is fundamental to overall health


So here’s an easy way to lose weight: Do a fasting detox for 7 days and not only will it have the inevitable weight loss from a low calorific diet, but you will lose a few pounds simply from flushing the waste material from the gut. Please contact me for more details


But here’s the key: The combination of the following 2 products will significantly improve the health of the gut and assist in the removal of candida and undesirable waste material:

Caprylic Acid: This product is effectively a healthy fatty acid and has many additional natural ingredients that are anti-microbial and anti-fungal. It improves the health of the gut, removes candida albicans and, during the course of a month, gently cleanses the intestinal tract, making you more regular. Here is the link:

Probiotic E505: This is an exceptional probiotic that is clinically proven to be active in the gut. It is worth mentioning that most probiotics do not survive the transit through the stomach to reach the gut where they are needed. This product supports the health of the gut and is ideal for people who have digestive problems, IBS, diarrheoa, constipation or who travel a lot. Even for people with healthy digestion, I recommend taking this product once a year. Here is the link: