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Manageable daily support for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is often referred to as a lifestyle disease, brought on by a combination of lifestyle factors. What is very clear is that the dramatic rise in this disease will put enormous pressure on healthcare services, not only due to the insulin treatment associated with it, but in the number of serious diseases that diabetes can lead to, and this is where our combination formula can help


What does it do? The formula specifically provides nutrients that are proven to help:

  • Regulates blood sugar levels 

  • Protects against heart disease

  • Helps with weight loss 

  • Retards the development of diabetic nephropathy

  • Lower elevated sorbitol levels

  • Lower elevated serum triglyceride levels

  • Lower total serum cholesterol levels

  • Prevent/retard progression of cataracts


Diabetes Type 2 can be considered an extreme form of insulin resistance. Although Type 2 patients can actually produce insulin, their bodies resist its action in lowering blood sugar. Sufferers in fact have elevated insulin levels, however, the cells that rely on insulin are resistant to its actions, and show a decrease in insulin sensitivity. In attempting to satisfy the insulin-dependent cells, significantly higher (perhaps dangerously high levels) of insulin may result. Insulin can start to penetrate non-insulin-dependent cells, and thus be the cause of many different diabetic complications, for example Acidosis. Many consider Type 2 to be a substantially avoidable disease, given appropriate dietary and nutritional intervention.


The formula specifically provides nutrients that are proven to help:

  • Regulate blood sugar levels, retard the development of diabetic nephropathy, lower elevated sorbitol levels, lower elevated serum triglyceride levels, lower total serum cholesterol levels, prevent/retard progression of cataracts, facilitate weight loss, protect against heart disease