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Blog posts of '2017' 'June'

An effective and healthy way to maintain cholesterol levels: Red Yeast Rice There has been an obsession in recent years about cholesterol and it may one day be exonerated as the main villain in cardiovascular disease. An entire industry has been created from the fear of high cholesterol, whether it be with pharmaceutical drugs or from so-called “healthy” spreads, which, by the way, are anything but healthy.
If you do nothing else, take a Foodstate Multi vit/mineral and Multi Antioxidant every day Good health is primarily linked to a strong immunity because your immunity fights disease and protects the body from falling ill. Never in our history have we had to fight against so many different elements working against optimum health, whether it be from pollutants, poor diet, stimulant foods or a sedentary lifestyle.
The Human Liver is a remarkable organ that deserves a bit of help! Unfortunately the liver is the body’s dumping ground for toxins, and despite it’s extraordinary regenerative qualities, we put the liver under a lot of pressure nowadays
Reducing Inflammation Naturally There are 2 products that we recommend that help reduce inflammation naturally rather than using prescription drugs that can have unpleasant symptoms
Over 40 and Male? Protect the Prostate Our Prostate Foodstate formula is the result of a thoroughly researched program to create a multi nutrient that supports the health of the Prostate. Prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in men, so understanding how to protect it is important to all men
Asthma Asthma is essentially a condition of the immune system with the air passages adversely reacting to one or several possible allergies. It is on the increase and can broadly be linked to our increased absorption of a variety of modern day stimulants from foods, beverages and air pollutants