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In health terms if you have a strong immunity not much else matters

Despite an abundance of food in the West, never has the immune system been so exposed to chemically produced foods. Our immunity exists to protect our body from disease, so supporting it is fundamental to our health. There are many lifestyle aspects to consider, including stress, emotions and diet, which create an imbalance to our health

How can we help resolve that imbalance? We often select food at a sub-conscious level, and we can categorize foods in 3 different ways:

1). Nutritional foods, which are the vibrant, nutrient-rich foods we need

2). Stimulant foods, containing substances that compromise our immunity, like refined sugars, sweeteners, fried foods, fizzy drinks, refined flour, all created by scientists to tempt us

3). Intellectual foods, created by marketing departments to appeal to our intellects, but offer little health benefit and created for profit, for example so-called health spreads

Let’s consider some of the “re-balancing” opportunities for our immunities:

Water: It should be as pure as possible, without pesticides, organic compounds, hormones, and chemicals. Water from glass bottles is preferable, and carbon filters are effective purifiers

Can Nature Provide? From the time of Hippocrates, writers have promoted the view that nature cures. The media promotes faddish diets but few are based on the principles of “nature cure”. Sadly over the last 70 years our food has been so altered that nature is unable to fully achieve its healing objective. Depleted soils create depleted plant materials, which not only affect us directly, but also indirectly by providing inadequate nutrition to the animals we eat. As a result supplementation becomes necessary but this is where choices become very important. Nature has not created us to recognize nutrients in a chemical synthetic form, yet virtually all so-called “natural” supplements are created this way. We can only properly absorb, use and retain nutrients in a food form, and that is exactly what we create with the foodstate products.

Immunity-supporting Nutrients:

A food based broad-spectrum Multivitamin with minerals and trace elements

A food structure Multi-Anti-oxidant with Co-Q10 and trace minerals, including Selenium, reducing harmful free radicals within the body, which supports the immunity in many ways

Essential fatty acids to support many important metabolic processes involving the immune system

Probiotic bacteria, friendly bacteria that help the intestine absorb beneficial nutrients and help remove toxic waste

Bromelain, an enzyme known to help reduce inflammation and support digestion. It also breaks down fibrin in the blood, protecting the heart

Magnesium, required by each cell in the body to deliver nutrients, remove waste, support bones, reduce stress, release energy and support nerve function