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10 Dietary Tips to Improve your Health

This is not a definitive list, just some helpful tips to improve your health


5 healthy changes to your diet 

  1. Essentially, reduce animal protein as much as possible


  1. Eliminate all margarines and other health spreads, despite what the clever advertising says. Organic cow’s butter may be consumed sparingly


  1. Consume as much raw and ripe foods as comfortable on a daily basis. The guideline is try to eat 20% of your total daily intake as raw foods


  1. Only consume organic eggs that are genuinely free range from poultry that has received proper foods and not chemical pellets


  1. Plastic containers contain chemical residues that are not helpful with regard our immune system. Never put plastic in the oven or microwave 


  1. Eliminate all refined foods, sucrose (so called white sugar) white bread and non organic pasta.


  1. Reduce alcohol for two months and then continue with avoidance of spirits as much as possible


  1. Avoid all fizzy carbonated beverages (including water) manufactured with refined sugars. These are sugars ending in “ose” such as sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose. Sweeteners are even worse.


  1. Avoid Smoking !!


  1. Reduce consumption of red meat. Consider it an occasional treat rather than part of your daily diet



It is advisable to take basic daily FOOD supplements containing nutrients that are known to be in short supply within the typical diet. Age/Gender programs, health programs and a full list of the Foodstate supplements are available here