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22 Stone of Sugar

22 Stone of Sugar

…. That’s the amount of processed sugar the average British child consumes by the age of 18


Sugar is in the news again as Britain leads the polls in the worst obesity rates in Europe, with the result of significant health consequences and undue pressure on the NHS. And the single biggest cause: Refined sugar

From the Age of 2: British children are consuming 2oz (52 grams) of sugar per day, which is deemed twice the safe level. 26000 under tens were admitted to hospital last year with rotten teeth

A child’s metabolism is set by the age of 3: So allowing children to become overweight in their infancy will give them a lifelong struggle with maintaining a healthy weight as they age



Why is Sucrose Unhealthy?

-  In tests, rats that had sugar removed from their diets lived twice as long

-  It increases the risk of heart disease

-  It suppresses the immunity and increases the risk of breast and colon cancer

-  It disrupts the digestion and is a likely contributor to Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis

-  It is likely to increase ADHT, autism, depression, drowsiness and affects spatial awareness

-  It causes a temporary rise in blood sugar and can lead to Diabetes

-  It increases undesirable LDL cholesterol

-  It causes obesity and increases the accumulation of visceral fat

-  It causes the excretion of many vitamins and minerals

-  It causes tooth decay and accelerates wrinkly skin


What About Diet Products? It is seem logical that you would eat or drink diet products if you were trying to lose weight, but is it that simple? If you consume something which contains a sweetener, like Aspartame for example, it can have the exact opposite effect


Nutritional Support:

Caprylic Acid: Caprylic Acid is a healthy fat and multi-herbal product that helps to eliminate candida from the gut and cleanse the digestive track



Probiotic E505: 8 strains of healthy probiotic bacteria and 1 strain of Prebiotic to improve digestion, remove candida from the gut, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system



GTF Chromium: GTF Chromium helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and helps metabolise carbohydrates, fats and protein as it enhances the action of insulin, the body’s fat storage hormone



Formula D2: Whether at risk of type 2 diabetes or already diagnosed with it, our Foodstate multi-nutrient formula can help in many ways, including regulating blood sugar levels, lowering total serum cholesterol levels and protecting against heart disease


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