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5 reasons your sugar habit is damaging your body

High sugar content in a modern Western diet is a serious problem; here we explain some of the key reasons to keep it under control.

1. Sugar can damage your heart

It’s widely acknowledged that excess sugar increases the overall risk for heart disease, contributing to obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A 2013 study in the Journal of the American Heart Association went a step further, with strong evidence that sugar can damage the pumping action of your heart and directly increase the risk of heart failure.

So cutting down the sugar in your diet is an important first step to a healthy heart. But you can’t do it on your own.

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 2. Sugar might be sapping your brain power

Evidence suggests that excessive sugar consumption may affect the aging of the human brain. A study held in 2012 suggested that cognitive deficiencies such as memory loss could be linked directly to having too much sugar your diet.

Equally as worrying, over consumption of sugary foods is thought to cause or contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression.

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3. Sugar has a similar toxic effect on the liver to alcohol

Evidence shows that fructose and glucose, ingested as part of a sugary diet, can have as toxic an effect on the liver as consuming alcohol.

Metabolism of ethanol is thought to be the primary cause of liver damage, but the alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages carries many of the metabolic pathways that fructose does.

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4. Sugar has been linked to cancer

Research undertaken in Sweden has suggested that there is ‘strong evidence that high blood glucose is a risk factor for cancer’. The study provided evidence that a high level of glucose in the blood could be associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer.

We know that healthier diets and lifestyles are associated with a lower risk of cancer, and as part of this healthier lifestyle, lower sugar consumption is recommended.

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5. Sugar is making us FAT

The truth is that sugar is not a natural element of our metabolism and the human body does not produce it. In fact, hardly any of the millions of cells in our body can make use of it at all, except from our liver cells.

So when we do consume excess sugar, much of the fructose is processed by the liver and turned into (you guessed it) fat, which is then secreted directly into our bloodstream.

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