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A Detox Program To Support The Liver Heart And Gut

The 4 products listed below are very effective at cleansing and re-balancing the body, and are recommended to take as a program at least once per year.

There are 4 products in this program, which can be bought off the website for £54 with a 10% discount. It comprises:

Caprylic acid to reduce candida albicans and cleanse the colon
Probiotic to introduce healthy gut flora and improve the immunity
Bromelain to cleanse the blood
Milk Thistle to clean the liver

Caprylic Acid Complex is a formula containing eleven beneficial active substances known to help reduce and inhibit the growth of detrimental bacteria known as candida albicans and other detrimental micro-organisms within the digestive system, helping to improve its function, and reduce infections.

Candida albicans can facilitate the increase in the body of undesirable allergens. This process can result in a reduction of proper nervous system function. Mood swings, headaches and irritability are a few symptoms that can be experienced. A lack of energy and fatigue are also associated with the overgrowth of candida albicans.

A two month course initially has been found beneficial with (if necessary) a follow up after 6-8 months. A course of Probiotic is considered sensible following the Caprylic Acid clearing to provide the beneficial bacteria required to help normal function of the digestive system. £16.50

Milk Thistle has anti-oxidant activity. It has a protective effect on the liver, helping to clear toxins, and promotes healthy liver function. This traditional herbal remedy also helps to strengthen cell membranes. £9.50

Probiotic Probiotics are a combination of friendly gut bacteria that help enhance the digestive system, helping the absorption of nutrients and supporting the manufacture of some vitamins, increasing the profile of beneficial bacteria involved with the removal of harmful waste products. Probiotic beneficial bacteria can strengthen the functions of the digestive system. Elevated stress levels can cause the depletion of these beneficial bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract decline in tandem with progression of the ageing process. As a supplement, the suggestion is to take a course three times a year unless specific health concerns suggest more frequent use. £25.50

Bromelain This enzyme is known to help reduce inflammation. One tablet daily is advised, best taken mid morning away from food. The formula is used during the cleanse period as it also helps remove harmful waste materials from the blood. Bromelain maybe helpful to reduce the harmful substances that contributes to cardiovascular diseases, by helping to eliminate fibrin in the blood, a web-like structure that can collect to create fibrinogen in the arteries, creating potentially harmful arterial blockages.

Bromelain is extracted from the stem of the pineapple plant and is a proteolytic enzyme which can be used in the breakdown of protein to amino acids. £8.50


For those wishing to further cleanse the body, nothing quite replaces the "fasting detox" explained below, which is a product and dietary program. From personal experience I can’t recommend enough the enormous health benefits felt from cleansing the body. Although not the primary objective, an inevitable bye-product of this program is weight loss, but unlike dieting, with a fasting detox the body’s metabolism is improved and weight loss is sustained for much longer.

Dieting is an obsession of the Western world, mainly because we eat and drink too much, and consume too many "stimulant" foods. Logically, diets don’t really work, and this is why: When you reduce your caloric intake, after a few days your body starts to eat its fat reserves and you will start to lose weight, and that is exactly what you want to happen. However, the second effect is a natural mechanism within the body, to slow down your metabolism. Your body is receiving a message that says, "this is a time of scarcity so let’s slow down the metabolism". You then return to normal eating habits with a slower metabolism and guess what? You put on more weight that you were carrying before. An effective detox however, works in a very different way: By cleansing the gut and removing undesirable candida albicans, your body can re-balance itself, cleanse itself, nourish itself, and as a very desirable by-product, you will lose the weight anyway, and not only lose the weight, but speed up the metabolism in the process, enabling you to keep the weight off.

So here is a very manageable 5 day program. All of the foodstate products mentioned are available on the website, and they are listed at the bottom for easy reference:
An Introduction to Cleansing the Digestive Tract with Foods, Beverages and Food State Supplements

The information and suggestions in this document are not intended to replace medical advice, but are offered as complimentary.

Foodstate supplements are included as a very important part of both of these cleansing processes. It should be noted that there is a very clear detoxing benefit from each aspect of this program, i.e., the 5 day juicing program and the supplements suggested at each stage, and completing the entire program will have a profound cleansing effect, and should be viewed as particularly relevant to anyone living on a Western diet. It should also be mentioned that we do not recommend taking chemical supplements in place of foodstate ones, because they simply won’t work. In fact, the candida albicans described in this article can be generated because of sugar additives found in so many products, including some chemical supplements.


A key objective is that through a "mini" cleansing and gentle detoxification process, the gut is cleared of waste materials and prepared for a new cleaner environment. The importance of this cleanse is to remove not only the toxic waste but also to prepare those parts of the GUT for proper function.

This mini detox and cleanse is designed to help reduce the possibility of a toxic GUT, toxic candida albicans and other waste materials. This is not uncommon and is very sensible if an amount of these common so called "natural" supplements have been taken over a long period of time. It is a fact that 33-35% of people consuming a western diet and often consuming chemical supplements have candida overgrowth.

As you will know candida albicans proliferate by consuming and fermenting sucrose, simple sugars and acidic foodstuffs. Inadequate nourishing water and exposure to air conditioning also create the growth of candida. Several other environmental factors contribute to this undesirable GUT condition.

If the Candida albicans yeast is allowed to proliferate, it changes from its normal YeastFungal form to a Mycelial-Fungal form that produces rhizoids: these are long, root-like components that are able to pierce the walls of the digestive tract and break down the protective barriers between the Intestines and the Blood.

This "breaking-through" the GUT barrier allows many allergens to enter blood circulation, causing irritation and allergic reactions. These undesirable substances can cause further detriment if they break through the blood-brain barrier contributing to alterations in proper neurotransmission. We can feel or experience "unease" and forms of anxiety.

The purpose is then to provide substances that rebalance the GUT. We can consider a period of gentle cleansing and detoxification rather in the same way that we prepare a garden for new plants. We remove the weeds and prepare the soil to receive the healthy new plants. In the same way, an initial cleansing will remove toxins, facilitating the body’s ability to absorb new health-building nutrients.

Toxic matter will reduce energy and the body’s ability to deal with stress, both physical and emotional.
There is a commitment required to facilitate the proper and specific juicing aspects to start cleansing the body of toxins and stored waste matter, but it can easily be incorporated in to your daily routine.


    To provide beneficial nutrients necessary to allow your body and mind to function progressively better
    To help correct imbalances of blood-sugar metabolism
    To reduce toxic build-up, thus enabling the body to absorb necessary nutrients more easily and remove toxic waste
    To reduce current imbalances that are causing symptoms of distress
    The document also addresses possible compromise to a potential weakened immune system and other symptoms of ill health.
    The diet is also designed to offer particular foodstuffs to help with issues of selfworth and motivation.
    To enhance adrenal and lymphatic function
    To increase energy levels

It is important that adequate good quality water is consumed each day. The guideline is up to two pints taken as water, not as a diluted drink. This is an essential component both in terms of waste removal and building good health. Two litres a day taken as water is usually considered the optimum intake.

To gain optimum benefit from foods it is necessary to chew thoroughly, otherwise many of the beneficial nutrients consumed cannot be made available within the body for health building.

Adequate rest is required (at least 15 minutes) after consuming foodstuffs to facilitate proper digestion.


The Juice Fast notes

At this time when the toxic waste clears rapidly and some people can experience minor headaches, but this is a natural reaction during this process. While this juice and water period is in progress, if a headache is experienced then a cup of marjoram or feverfew tea will usually reduce this symptom.

An additional help with headaches is chewing, chewing and chewing again on organic lettuce leaves as this process will often cure headaches.

The Daily Routine while Juicing

For the 5 day period of the fast at least two pints of water should be taken during the day. More can be consumed if desired and comfortable. Organic green tea may be taken as desired throughout the day as well. Please ensure that if this tea is consumed it is not as a hot drink but just warm.


The day should start with freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water. A cup of green tea may also be taken at this time if desired.

A large glass of freshly prepared carrot, celery and parsley juice should be consumed. The suggested proportions of each are: fifty percent carrot, forty-five percent celery and five percent parsley (approximately one ounce of the parsley is sufficient).

With regard to parsley the flat leaf variety (also known as Chinese) is preferable. However, the standard parsley is fine if the flat leaf cannot be obtained. Watercress is an alternative to parsley.

Lunch time

At lunch time an organic apple or pear may be consumed providing it is thoroughly chewed. There is a saying "to drink ones food", which actually refers to this process of chewing thoroughly. If the apple is organic then please also chew the pips but not for the pear.
Mid Afternoon

In the afternoon a glass of carrot, beetroot and watercress juice should be taken.

The Evening Juice

An additional large glass of carrot and apple or spinach juice should be consumed in the evening. The proportion of carrot to apple or spinach juice should be half and half.

Spinach juice is a powerful cleanser within the digestive tract. It is useful to ’hold’ this juice in the mouth for ten to fifteen seconds before swallowing, as the spinach juice is protective to teeth and gums.

Before Retiring

A cup of ginger water (lukewarm); after 15 - 30 minutes the probiotic beverage may be taken.

When fasting, some people (as has been stated) can experience headaches as toxins clear from the body. Juices containing parsley, watercress, apple and spinach reduce the incidence.

It is important to understand the purpose of the juice fast, which is to facilitate a period of rest within the gut to allow the body to start cleansing and eliminating toxins. The accumulation of toxic waste within tissue reduces the proper function of organs and results in lower activity levels. Build-up of toxic waste is chiefly the result either of consuming inappropriate foods, or eating under stressful conditions, or lack of exercise.

While many other factors contribute to the build-up of waste materials, it is important to mention the role of an adequate oxygen supply. When cells are congested with toxic waste the vital supply of oxygen is reduced, resulting in a further decrease in metabolic function. Breathing exercises are recommended.

Freshly prepared juices deliver a good supply of oxygen to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate the cells. A juice fast stimulates the growth of new healthy cells and helps to restore organs to proper function.
Supplement program to be taken during this five day juicing period is as follows:

    One hour following breakfast:
        1 x caprylic acid capsule (colon cleanse)
        1 x milk thistle tablet (liver cleanse)
        1 x multivitamin/mineral tablet.
        1 x antioxidant Q10 with minerals tablet.
    At lunchtime:
        Another 1 x multivitamin and mineral tablet.
        Another 1 x antioxidant Q10 with minerals tablet.
    Mid Afternoon:
        Another 1 x Caprylic acid and 1 x Milk Thistle capsule.
    Following the evening meal:
        2 x essential fatty acid tablets.
        2 x magnesium tablets and a probiotic beverage as described on the probiotic container.
        1 x selenium tablet.

It is obvious that the foodstate supplement program will last much longer than 5 days, and it is recommended that all of these products be taken until finished. The probiotic will last about 12 days and everything else will last between 30 and 60 days, depending on the daily intake. They all contain 60 tablets each, and will continue to provide essential nutrients in a whole food form.

The foodstate products referred to in this article are:
Eco 500 Probiotic
Caprylic Acid
Milk Thistle & Kelp
Antioxidant Q10
Essential Fatty Acid complex

We are often asked, "what is an ideal program to continue with on an ongoing basis, to provide a sound nutritional base?" This will depend on the individual, but the following products offer a broad spectrum of essential nutrients:

    Antioxidant Q10

Everything mentioned in this newsletter can be purchased from the website at
Or, by emailing Andy Barnes at