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Back to Work and Feeling a Bit Drained!

Back to Work and Feeling a Bit Drained!

Here are a few suggestions to get you back to full energy:


Multi-Antioxidant with Q10: Co-enzyme Q10 increases energy by facilitating the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, and improves blood circulation



Vitamin C: We can’t store Vitamin C so we need daily replenishment. It alleviates fatigue by facilitating the production of thyroxine, and it also reduces muscle pain if you are getting back to an exercise regime



Magnesium: Magnesium improves energy levels via ATP production. It delivers oxygen and nerve impulses to muscles and increases the capacity for prolonged exercise by up to 50%. It also promotes better sleep patterns so is particularly helpful if you are jet-lagged



Vitamin B Complex: A very effective “pick-me-up” if you are feeling a bit drained. B vitamins work well when taken together and our Vitamin B Complex contains all the B vitamins which help reduce tiredness and fatigue



Probiotic E505: If you have over-indulged on holiday then this will improve the digestion which in turn will provide you with more energy and improve the immune system



Omega 3 Fish Oil: The perfect “brain food” to help you concentrate and improve your memory. Ours is made from whole crushed fish with the livers removed to prevent toxicity




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