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Be Consistent with Your Foodstate Supplements

Be Consistent with Your Foodstate Supplements

Having worked with Foodstate products for more than a decade, I can say with absolute certainty that those who feel the healthiest and get the best results, take their foodstate supplements consistently


Capsules and Tablets: We associate swallowing capsules and tablets with medications, and we associate medications as something we take temporarily to overcome a medical condition, so in our subconscious mind we feel reluctant to take anything that resembles a pharmaceutical drug


Foodstate is Different: Despite the fact that our products are in capsule and tablet form, they contain food nutrients that are physically grown to create the exact structure as nutrients found in live food. As such, they are fundamentally different to ordinary supplements that are created in synthetic/chemical form. I fully understand why people are reluctant to take these synthetic supplements that our bodies don’t recognise properly


A Healthy Addition to Your Diet: Supplementation is designed to fill in the gaps where nutrients might be missing from our diets, in other words they are designed to supplement our diet, not replace it


Empty Farm Soils: We know that our farm soils are very deplete of essential nutrients compared to 100 years ago, so supplementation has its role to play in helping us maintain our health and our immune systems. So if you are going to supplement, make sure you are taking something your body recognises and can benefit from, and be consistent with your intake. 


After all, Foodstate supplements are just foods!



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