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Calls Get Louder To Raise Vitamin D Levels

Calls Get Louder To Raise Vitamin D Levels

There is a lot in the press at the moment about the importance of Vitamin D during the Pandemic. Putting it bluntly, it saves lives!

The cheapest and most effective way to generate Vitamin D is with natural sunlight, but in northern climates that opportunity is not readily available, especially during winter.


What are healthy levels?

  •        30ng/ml is a sufficient, healthy level
  •        20 – 30ng/ml is an insufficient level
  •        Under 20ng/ml is a deficient level

If you are unfortunate enough to succumb to the virus and your lungs are targeted, it can cause pneumonia and then becomes life-threatening. The associational risk of death for those Vitamin D insufficient is many times higher, so this is really important!


Those with dark skin are at higher risk of death: People with darker skin are prone to higher Vitamin D deficiency, especially in our climate, because their skin naturally filters out a lot more UV. We are seeing much higher death rates in darker-skinned people


Increased Dosage:  In response to research about effective dosage levels of Vitamin D, we havedoubled our dosage from 1000iu to 2000iu. Most Vitamin D supplements are the inactive “storage” form that is an undesirable and ineffective form of Vitamin D. Our Foodstate product is the biologically active D3 form, which is better absorbed used and retained than ordinary Vitamin D supplements


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