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Can We Get Enough Nutrients From Our Food?

Can We Get Enough Nutrients From Our Food?

Statistics from farm soil samples would indicate not


According to Dr. Paul Clayton, pharmaco-nutritional expert from Oxford University, when referring to our need for supplements: 'We endured for millions of years without them. But you would need to only eat unprocessed foods and eat 3000 calories of them a day in order to give your body all the nutrients it needs to function'. And let’s face it, how many of us do that? 'In Britain, more than half the calories we eat come from ultra-processed foods – foods very high in calories but with almost no nutritional value at all. It’s a nutritional nightmare'. 


Also farm soils in Western nations are between 55% and 85% deplete of essential nutrients that were there 100 years ago. So the food you are eating is far less beneficial nutritionally speaking. 


The Solution is to take your diet seriously and always eat plenty of natural, healthy foodstuffs

-  Try to eat at least 20% of your food in raw form and avoid processed and refined foods


-  Only take supplements in foodstate form so that your body can nourish itself with nutrients it recognises as foods, and can absorb, use and retain in a completely natural way


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