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Cholesterol – Is It Such a Villain?

Cholesterol – Is It Such a Villain?

Our main source of cholesterol is from animal products but we also manufacture it. HDL (high density lipids) are considered good, and LDL (low density lipids) are considered bad. Correct balance between these two forms is essential to the heart and many other bodily functions

Cholesterol may one day be exonerated as being regarded the main ‘villain’ in cardiovascular disease; many experts believe that the current focus on cholesterol is mis-placed. Approximately 30% of the body's Cholesterol content is derived from dietary sources. In practice 50% of dietary Cholesterol is absorbed by the body - the remainder passes through the body unused and is excreted via the bile. Unnecessarily lowering cholesterol below optimum levels is considered harmful. Optimum cholesterol levels actually help us counteract excessive stress, and is also helpful to the skin and linked to a reduction in depression.


Nutrients that help regulate Cholesterol:

-  Our Vitamin B Complex contains B vitamins that transport surplus cholesterol out of the body


-  Vitamin E elevates the function of good cholesterol (HDL) and helps prevent the harmful oxidation process of the less desirable (LDL) cholesterol


-  Magnesium helps to reduce cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol can occur as a result of magnesium deficiency


-  Essential Fatty Acid Complex contains unsaturated fatty acids essential to good health. Specific EFA’s help transport excess cholesterol out of the body


-  GTF Chromium has been shown to reduce the total cholesterol load, increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad LDL cholesterol


-  Red yeast rice contains plant sterols to help maintain cholesterol levels


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