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Cleansing the Body




Perhaps the greatest threat to our health during the festive period is the excessive amount of acid that we consume. As a general rule, food (and drinks) which have an acid PH value are harmful to the health, and alkaline PH foods are healthy. There are of course exceptions because most fruit is acidic, but also contain vital nutrients. However, most other acidic foods should be restricted especially during a detox period, and they include dairy, meat, alcohol, processed food, fried food, sugar (in it’s many forms) and carbonated drinks (especially diet drinks).

Have you ever considered why so many people get ill at this time of year? Equally, have you ever considered why most members of a family will catch flu, but one person gets away with it? It would be absurd to suggest that the one who got away with it wasn’t exposed to the bug. That individual just simply had a stronger immunity than the others, and very likely that he or she was less acidic than the others.

Disease will proliferate within an acid environment, but will struggle to exist within an alkaline environment.

In short, catching colds and flu is much more of a choice than we perhaps realise! Alkalising the body helps prevent so many disease processes.

I have asked Eric to create a newsletter that provides solid, easy to understand advice on the food that we eat, and the supplements we should be taking, with particular emphasis on a cleansing and balancing approach.

There is a food chart that would serve you well by being stuck to the fridge door. It is wonderfully simple, and a magnificent "roadmap" to healthy eating. I do have a comprehensive acid/alkaline food chart which I will gladly forward upon request.

Yours in good health!
Andy Barnes

Eric Llewellyn:

Before I offer you my advice on effective cleansing, I would like to remind you briefly of the important distinction between so-called "natural" vitamins and minerals, and those that exist in a food matrix, as they would in nature

Standards of Food Supplements
Food supplements can help the body to combat disease and recreate health, but most - perhaps 98% - of the so-called ’natural’ vitamins offered for sale in health stores and other places are not in a truly natural form as found in nature. In nature, nutrients are incorporated into the overall structure of the food. Vitamins legally permitted to be sold as ’natural’ are commonly synthetically-produced chemical structures. They are not food. They can offer the body assistance and support, but not in the same way that food nutrients do. The chemical vitamin structures sold as ’natural’ (the 98%) are never found in any natural food on the planet.
With regard to the ’natural’ minerals sold, these are substances that can be found in nature, but are combined with synthetic compounds that the body cannot use very easily.
The recommendation is to contribute to the health-rebuilding programme by consuming whole food structure nutrients that are as found in nature. The body can recognise their structure and use it positively. These wholefood nutrient complexes are available as FOOD supplements through Jersey Foodstate Company.


Beneficial Food State and Other Supplement Formulas

The following food structure (Food State) supplements are suggested for the initial step in rebuilding health. This range offers sensible suggestions when a cleansing program is under consideration.
Additional specific formulas are also listed which are not Food State; these are designed for other beneficial functions


SUGGESTED PROGRAM: Caprylic acid, broad-base multi vitamin/mineral in amino acid base, antioxidant with Q10 in amino acid base, magnesium, beneficial friendly bacteria. 1 month program


Caprylic Acid is known to inhibit the growth of detrimental yeasts including candida albicans in the intestines, and has been carefully created to cleanse and regulate the gut. One capsule to be taken twice daily for one month away from food

The contents are as follows:
Co-enzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 facilitates the elimination of candida albicans


Peppermint improves the function of the intestines

Slippery elm

Slippery elm alleviates diarrhoea, alleviates heartburn by coating and "smoothing" the irritated upper gastrointestinal tract.   


Cinnamon exerts anthelmintic (parasite killing) activity against ascaris (a type of Roundworm).   
Cinnamon suppresses some forms of detrimental bacteria
Cinnamon inhibits the growth of some forms of detrimental yeasts and moulds
Cinnamon inhibits the growth of aflatoxin
Cinnamon inhibits the growth of candida albicans


Garlic kills many strains of Detrimental Bacteria (i.e. it acts as a natural anti-biotic)

Pau d’arco

Pau D’Arco helps to remove Candida Albicans and is known to kill/suppresses various types of Detrimental Microorganisms

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera inhibits various types of detrimental bacteria from residing within the gut.

Grapefruit seed

grapefruit seed extract kills or suppresses many (more than 900) types of detrimental microorganisms. This extract also inhibits the growth of many types of detrimental bacteria.

Lemon grass
Lemon Grass inhibits the proliferation of candida albicans

Glutamine is known to prevent bacterial & viral diseases
Glutamine enhances the ability of neutrophils (cells of the immune system) to destroy detrimental bacteria.


One tablet twice daily for the first two weeks and then reduce to one Tablet daily is the suggestion.
A food based multivitamin, mineral and trace element supplement to be taken daily. This is designed to provide a nutrient foundation; it provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements micronutrients.


One tablet twice daily for the first two weeks and then reduce to one tablet daily
A food State Anti-oxidant with trace minerals: this is to reduce harmful free radicals that can be generated with cleansing. Free radicals are undesirable stray toxic chemical substances. This anti-oxidant with trace minerals also supports the immune system.

MAGNESIUM (Foodstate)

One tablet twice daily for the first two weeks and then reduce to one tablet daily is the suggestion.
Magnesium is a required cofactor for the enzymatic processes by cells of the body involved in the production of energy. To facilitate cleansing the cells require magnesium to provide the energy release to help facilitate the removal of toxic waste.

It is estimated that eight out of ten people are magnesium deficient.


This supplemental powder is suggested to be taken after the first ten days from commencing the caprylic acid capsules. This supplement should be taken in the evening before retiring according to directions on the container. These are friendly micro-bacteria that inhabit the intestine. They are required by the body for the absorption of beneficial nutrients in the food and beverages we all consume. These bacteria are important as they also respond to the removal of toxic waste.  Beneficial bacteria comprise approximately 90% of digestive tract bacteria in healthy persons. Excessive quantities of detrimental bacteria within the digestive tract may "crowd out" beneficial bacteria. Pharmaceutical Antibiotics may destroy the body’s Beneficial Bacteria - as a side effect of their primary purpose of killing Detrimental Bacteria:


After 1 month, you are recommended to introduce the following products to support the immunity and continue re-building good health. Stage 2 products are: Essential fatty acids, selenium, whey plant soluble protein, vitamin B5, bromelain.


Two tablets to be taken in the morning
These important nutrients are required within the body for many important metabolic processes involving the immune system. Most people do not get adequate beneficial essential fatty acids in their diet. The supplement combination recommended is a food structure complex.
In relation to essential fatty acid requirements, there is a question as to the alleged benefits of consuming low and reduced fat products.
Essential Fatty Acids are Unsaturated Fatty Acids regarded as essential for human life.  They cannot be synthesized from other Fatty Acids.
Essential fatty acids are required for proper brain function and the optimum production of energy.

Selenium : A powerful anti-oxidant

The suggestion is one tablet daily
The benefits of this most important trace mineral have been demonstrated to be of great value in the treatment of immune disturbances. Selenium intake is below the recommended level for as many as eight out of ten persons.
Selenium helps both to remove waste materials and prevent harmful free radicals developing within the body.
This mineral is essential for proper heart function.

Whey Plant Soluble Protein

Taken as one scoop (5grms) daily according to instructions
Whey Protein possesses Antioxidant properties and is known to inhibit the generation of harmful free radicals. This special protein powder has been demonstrated to increase the body’s resistance to some types of detrimental bacteria and may possess Life Extension qualities according to reports.
Whey protein has the potential to enhance the ability of antibodies to counteract the antigens that cause bacterial & viral diseases. This form of soluble protein is known to counteract some of the negative effects associated with excessive stress.

The whey soluble protein is considered (from research) to increase the brain’s Serotonin levels – excessive stress often causes serotonin depletion and this depletion of serotonin is one of the causes of the cognitive impairment experienced during stress.

Vitamin B5 (also known as Pantothenic acid)

This is most helpful with certain conditions, as this nutrient is known to help reduce inflammation. Vitamin B5 can be taken in the morning and the evening. This formula is not always necessary during the cleanse period unless there is inflammation in process.


This enzyme is known to help reduce inflammation. One tablet daily is advised, best taken mid morning away from food. The formula is used during the cleanse period as it also helps remove harmful waste materials from the blood.

Tofu, a soybean beneficial food cleansing product, can be bought in a health store or supermarket. It can be gently stir-fried or steamed.

Organic garlic is a useful source of sulphur (gut cleansing) providing it is organically grown.
The above suggested food supplement regime is suggested ideally for between eight and ten weeks before review. This period covers the needs during both the cleanse and the initial introduction of food re-form and the building of good health.

The dietary re-form guidelines below are integral to the good health re-building process


When internal fluids are in an abnormal condition (slightly acid) neutralising is achieved with the benefit of alkali forming juices essentially from vegetable sources. For consideration listed below are some vegetables, fruit and herbs that can be considered very advantageous for use with a gentle cleansing –detoxification program. The Gut is functioning at its best when it is slightly alkaline.

As a note it is strongly suggested that these foods listed below and any additional foods desired to achieve the beneficial alkali condition of the Gut are purchased as organic.

Pesticides are not generally present in organically-grown vegetables or fruits.  The Pesticides type/quantity in/on many fruits and vegetables varies according to farming methods.  In a recent survey 90% of samples of many vegetables and fruits were found to contain undesirable pesticides.

Some juices for consideration either as single or better still in combination

Carrot juice

Carrot juice contains nearly all the vitamins and minerals required by the body.  It is rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, silicon, iodine and beta carotene.  Carrot juice has been used successfully for cleansing of the stomach and Gut.

Beetroot juice

This most helpful vegetable is rich in potassium and several important amino acids and also provides omega’s 3 and 6 as well as many other minerals.  Its history as a curative of liver and gall bladder conditions is well known.  It is a liver stimulant, and is involved in building up red blood cells and stimulating lymphatic activity. 


The juice is very alkali forming which is beneficial and rich in minerals. This vegetable is traditionally known to help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and even gout. Celery is helpful to reduce tension and stress.

Apple juice

The health advantages of this juice are many. These include the improvement of the function of the digestive system, reducing total serum cholesterol levels, improving the function of the respiratory system and providing essential anti-oxidants.

This juice is best taken on an empty stomach or at the beginning of a meal, and not at the end because the ferments in the fruit are destroyed if the fruit goes into a stomach already containing food. 
The Malic Acid contained within apples is a powerful germicide and kills harmful bacteria in the gut.


This truly wonderful fruit juice is known to provide anti-oxidant nutrients that are beneficial to the body. The diluted juice of lemon also helps to reduce acidity and promote a beneficial alkali influence within the body.
Lemons are known to contain several components that are known to help "kill" some types of detrimental fungi.
Lemon (juice drunk upon awakening in the morning) may improve the function of the liver. It is of interest to note that up until recent years in almost every hospital in Great Britain patients would have a bottle of pure lemon juice by their bed.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice (including the stem) is known to facilitate the digestion of dietary Proteins. This juice is also known to provide nutrients that are very protective for the heart.
Interestingly whole pineapple juice is known to help minimize the Inflammation that occurs during rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation processes.

Water cress

The juice of this member of the cabbage family is known as a significant blood purifier and intestinal cleanser.  It should always be mixed with other juices at a rate that provide not more than 5% of the total juice to be consumed. Watercress provides valuable minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fibre.


Parsley is known to help improve the function of the digestive system by increasing blood circulation to the digestive tract, thereby increasing the absorption of valuable nutrients. As with watercress, parsley should always be mixed with other juices at a rate that provide not more than 5% of the total juice to be consumed.
Parsley is reputed to improve the function of the kidneys and help reduce the incidence of kidney stones.
Interestingly, a known additional benefit of consuming this juice is the alleviation of halitosis (bad breath).
There are many other beneficial fruits, vegetable and herb combinations that provide most beneficial and essential nutrients that help re-balance and maintain good health. A little investigation will provide additional delicious combinations.


This is an essential component both in terms of waste removal and building good health. The optimum intake is usually considered two litres a day taken as water. All human Cells are comprised of 75% to 85% Water. Water is an essential transport mechanism within the body for many types of nutrients (including water-soluble vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates).



Positive health Factors

Negative health factors

Alternative Suggestions

Recommended Foods



Fresh organic sourced fruit Juices

Fruit juices made from concentrates

Whole apple and other juices in glass containers

Fresh organic vegetable juices

Vegetable juices with sugar made from concentrates

Whole vegetable juices in glass containers

Raw organic ripe fruit

Under ripe fruit. Tinned and frozen fruit

Dried unsulphured or irradiated fruits rehydrated

Stewed organic fresh fruit


Dried unsulphured fruits

Raw organic vegetables

Tinned and most frozen vegetables

Fresh vegetables that have not been stored for a long period

Lightly cooked organic vegetables

Over cooked non organic vegetables

Steamed, poached or boiled vegetables

High potassium broth mainly green leafy vegetables

Non organic ingredients for soups and broths

Organic tinned or dehydrated vegetable soup

Diluted organic lemon Juice

Orange or grapefruit juice

Non waxed lemons or organic lemon juice in glass bottles

Filtered water (up to two litres daily) or non carbonated in glass bottles

Carbonated sugar or sweetened beverages. Not in plastic containers

Standard tap water

Sprouted seeds


No alternative

Juiced sprouted seeds


No alternative

Fresh organically grown herbs with salads

Irradiated dried herbs

Fresh non organic herbs

Juiced fresh organic herbs


Fresh non organic herbs

Organic spices

Irradiated dried spices

Fresh non organic spices

Diluted organic spice beverages

Spice drinks with additives and sugars

Fresh non organic sources diluted

Organically grown non irradiated nuts

Brazil nut unless fresh

Whole nuts in their shells

Organic whole grains

Refined and dehusked grains,

Non organic whole grains

Organically grown fresh and dried legumes

Tinned legumes with additives and sugar

Non organic fresh and dried legumes

Organically grown lentils

Tinned lentils with additives and sugar

Non organically grown dried lentils

Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi Oyster mushrooms

Common button mushrooms

Dried Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake Oyster mushrooms

A limited intake of organically fed free-range eggs. 4-5 per week

All non free range eggs from all sources

No alternatives, avoid manufactured foods with eggs unless organic

A limited intake of organic meats. Up to 2-3 portions a week

All meats from non organic sources

Non organic meats show be limited to one portion per week preferably lamb

A limited intake of poultry Up to 3-4 portions per week

All poultry from non organic sources

No alternative for non organic chicken, duck or goose or other, one portion per 2 weeks

Deep sea fresh fish and wild fish

Processed fish products and farmed fish

Very occasional frozen deep sea or wild fish

Most oily fish


Sardines, herring and others

Shellfish only if from unpolluted waters and fresh

Avoid unknown sources especially farmed shellfish

As a very occasional treat if source unknown.

Moderate intake of organic hard cheese

Non organic cheeses

Non organic goat or sheep cheese occasionally

Goat’s milk

Cow’s milk and dehydrated cow’s milk and artificial dried ’milks’

No alternative to cows milk except very occasionally organic source. Soya or plant as a reserve.

Positive health Factors

Negative health factors

Alternative Suggestions

Recommended Foods



Organic cottage cheese not more than 2-3 ounces (75 grams) in any one day

Non organic cottage cheese

No alternative

Goats milk LIVE yoghurt

Cows milk ’natural’ yoghurt

Sheep’s milk whole live yoghurt

Organic butter unsalted if desired

Margarine and other spreads.

Organic salted butter

Extra virgin olive oil packed in glass. Organic oils in glass containers.

All oils in plastic containers. All non organic oils

Extra virgin or organic oils in tins

Organic flax seed ten millilitres daily

Avoid all flax oil in plastic containers

No alternative

Wholemeal and unleavened breads

All refined and non organic flour products

Organic crispbreads, whole rice, or corn baked dry products

Organic cereals

Processed non organic cereals

No alternative

Organic raw honey

Heated non organic even if called ’natural’

No alternative

Vegetable bouillon or home made organic source vegetable stocks

Non organic stock preparations

Organic yeast stock

Organic sugar

Refined white and other non organic sugars including sweeteners

No alternative

Green tea

Coffee non organic teas

Herb teas in non bleached sachets

Organic vegetables in glass jars in brine or water

Pickled vegetables or meats

Sauerkraut (saltless), or pickled with Miso, lemons or limes

Organic conserves

Non organic conserves

No alternative

Herb or organic sea salt

Standard table salt

Non organic sea salt

Further positive health factors are outlined below. These are complementary to the process of reforming health.


Positive health Factors

Negative health factors

Alternative Suggestions




For cooking use good quality stainless steel, cast iron, glass or earthenware

Aluminium and copper

When using cast iron acidic foods may taste metallic, non stick

Ceramic cookware

Good cooking methods are Steaming, poaching, baking, boiling, water sauté

Frying, roasting grilling


Chinese stir frying

Washing up liquids and soaps made with biodegradable ingredients

Washing up liquid and soaps made with synthetic perfumes and other artificial components

No real alternative apart from hot water and lemon juice.

Natural toothpaste

Fluoride and other chemically produced tooth pastes

No alternative

Deodorants made with natural ingredients

Chemically manufactured deodorants with antiperspirants

No satisfactory alternative

This information invites a radical approach to help with many disease processes. The combination of changing the diet to a slightly alkali one, together with the foodstate supplements, will provide a substantial opportunity for improvement to the quality of life.
It is important to try and adopt the recommendations outlined here as a whole, for it is this radical and total approach that provides the basic first step to redeeming good health.
It is hoped that the information in this document will help you start a revitalised good health-building programme.

Eric Llewellyn