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Consider your immune system as your first line of defense against disease

Consider your immune system as your first line of defense against disease

 Especially the infectious types!


It’s a shame that the medical profession is so dismissive of the many proven nutritional interventions that boost the immune system. The often-used mantra of “all you need is a balanced diet” is misleading and unhelpful because it offers no clear instruction - we all interpret a so-called “healthy diet” differently. 


Healthy Soil: Plants are only as healthy as the soil in which they grow. Most of us shop at the supermarket and buy foods grown in over-farmed land where most of the minerals have been stripped from the soil


There are many ways to boost your immune system. I doubt we have ever lived in a time when having a robust immune system is so important. Imagine how much we could help our health services by have a stronger immune response?


Here are a number of products that directly improve your Immune System:

Zinc: This mineral acts as an antioxidant and could be a much more important mineral in its role as a viral invader, as long as it can be absorbed properly, which rules out most Zinc supplements. Foodstate Zinc is much better absorbed, used and retained than other forms and we add the mineral copper which further helps absorption



Selenium: An equally underrated mineral, Selenium is essential to a strong immune system and boosts our defences and resistance to infection. Low levels are associated with depression and other mental disorders – particularly relevant at the moment. This particular mineral has suffered significant depletion from farm soils, and 80 - 90% of Brits are considered deficient. Ordinary selenium supplements have toxicity issues, so only take Foodstate Selenium



Vitamin C: Widely known as important to the immune system, and water soluble so not a vitamin we can store. It improves the outcome of patients with Sepsis and Respiratory Infections. You can take plenty of Foodstate Vitamin C, unlike the synthetic version (ascorbic acid) which can cause intestinal discomfort



Vitamin D: At this time of year we can benefit from natural Vitamin D production from the sun, but if you prefer not to expose your skin to the sun, supplemental Vitamin D is particularly important at the moment because one of its roles is to protect the lungs and respiratory system



Beta Glucans: These plant glucans are potent antioxidants with a unique quality to help fight viruses. Beta-Glucans 1,3 and 1,6 help activate the immune system, alerting the body to help defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders. Many healthcare Practitioners use them to help boost patients’ immunity and fight disease



Probiotic E505: It is always important to include this product when talking about the immune system, because it improves the gut’s ability to efficiently digest the nutrition from your food. The truth is, foods like refined sugars and carbohydrates, prescribed drugs (in particular antibiotics) and a lack of “live” food, diminish the function of the gut and hence the immune system



Diet: Whilst Foodstate supplements offer effective health benefits, we must remember that our diet is fundamental to a healthy body and a strong immune system. In particular, try to focus on alkalising your diet, eating plenty of “live” foods, especially green veggies. Avoid stimulant and refined foods



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