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Do We Need Vitamin D in Summer?

Do We Need Vitamin D in Summer?

Vitamin D is most readily sourced from UVB rays of sunlight, so we certainly are able to produce more in Summer months, but is it enough? It depends really on circumstances. If your skin is sufficiently exposed to the sun a few times per week then you shouldn’t need supplemental Vitamin D, however we have 2 issues to consider:

1. We don’t always experience daily sun during our warmer months

2. Most people apply sunscreen when sitting in the sun, which reduces the skin’s production of Vitamin D



Let’s remind ourselves of why Vitamin D is important:

-  Strengthens Bones, especially with added Calcium
-  Protects children against Diabetes Type 1
-  Protects against High Blood Pressure
-  Protects against greater levels of Pain
-  Protects against Cancer
-  Improves Physical performance

Statistically, Northern Europeans and in particular, children are most deficient.

It is not a vitamin that is readily available in food, so if you are in any doubt whether you need it or not, then I would recommend taking 1 Foodstate Vitamin D tablet per day. Ours is the biologically active form with active metabolites, rather than the more common inactive form that gets stored in the organs of the body.



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