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That depends really. The first point to make is that Vitamin D is very important, in fact here are a few of the reasons why you need this essential vitamin:

- Strengthens Bones, especially with added Calcium

- Protects children against Diabetes Type 1

- Protects against High Blood Pressure

- Protects against greater levels of Pain

- Protects against Cancer

- Improves Physical performance

If you prefer to stay out of the sun then you may choose to take added Vitamin D, or if you prefer to lather yourself in sun- screen then you will be limiting your production of Vitamin D

An important note about sun-screens: Choose a decent organic brand of sun screen like Yaoh or Jason. There are no nasties in these products and you can rest assured that they’re not reacting badly with the sun’s rays. There is growing evidence that the chemicals in many brands of sun screen are as unhealthy for the skin as wearing none at all and burning. The best advice is to avoid over-exposure from the sun in the middle of the day, and use a good quality, organic sun screen