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Don’t Forget the Kids!

We often forget that our children have under-developed immunities and are more inclined to eat rubbish. The Childrens Multi vitamin/mineral is perfect to support their development.

- The maintenance of good health is not merely the absence of poor health.

- During the formative years of childhood growth, independent attitudes and behaviour patterns are established, both physically and emotionally, and positive nutritional foundations need to be taught and encouraged for future years

- Obesity: Peer pressure can influence children in their choices of fast food, confectionary and other less desirable food groups. Parents need to be aware that these factors directly contribute to obesity

- Acne: Over 80% of children between 12 and 18 are affected by acne. Sound nutritional foundations laid down in earlier life help to reduce the potential for this and similar skin complaints by reducing bad foods that contribute to poor skin. Fast foods damage health and it’s best to consider them as one would a bank account, in that it is fine to indulge, so long as our immune system is sufficiently in credit. Some of the fats and additives in fast foods can contribute to skin eruptions. High consumption of milk beverages is associated with poor skin condition and even forms of dermatitis including eczema.

- Most commercial hair shampoos contain chemicals that are not only associated with poor hair growth, but that can also contribute to skin allergies, and are known to have detrimental effects on the eyes. Ninety per cent of commercial shampoos contain undesirable chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulphate and propylene glycol, which are associated with skin allergies and dermatitis

- For age 3 to 8 Children’s Multi-Vitamin & Mineral formula

- Many foods today do not have the same nutritional range that they had sixty years ago before many nutrients were removed from the soil by fertilisers and other chemicals. The Multi-Vitamin & Mineral formula provides comprehensive vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutritional factors that help provide important nutrients often in short supply. This formula also contains beneficial nutrients called Anti-oxidants that are known to help rid the body of built-up waste. It also contains the mineral GTF Chromium (Glucose Tolerance Factor), which helps balance blood-sugar levels. Nutrients in this formula are known to help muscle growth and strength

Male and Female age group 9 to 13

We recommend one of each of the following:

  • Probiotic Eco 500 - 9 Strains

  • EFA Complex

  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

  • Magnesium