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Finished Studying For The Summer?

Finished Studying For The Summer?

Have You Or Your Children Just Finished School Or Uni For The Summer? Here Are Some Top Tips To Get Them Feeling Healthy For The Summer!


-  Magnesium: A bottle of wine/3-4 pints of beer with eliminate 60% of the Magnesium stored in the liver, so I think we can safely assume most Uni students are Magnesium deficient! In fact 80% of Brits are deficient in this essential mineral, which provides energy, supports the nervous system, our bones & teeth, the nervous system, the excretory system and proper sleep patterns.



-  Multi-Vitamin/Mineral: A little bit of all the essential vitamins and minerals whichare no longer in our farm soils.



-  Multi-Antioxidant: Contains all the important antioxidants including vitamin C & E, Selenium, Zinc and Co-Q10 to support the immune system, provide energy and help fight against winter bugs.



Milk Thistle: It is a sad truth that we are bombarded every day with a variety of toxins from our diet, the air we breathe, the lifestyles we lead, and these toxins can be stored in the liver. Milk Thistle may help to prevent a build-up of these toxins.


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