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Folic Acid And A Healthy Pregnancy

Folic Acid And A Healthy Pregnancy

Guidelines indicate that pregnant women should take between 600mcg and 800mcg per day


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Folic Acid: Why is this B vitamin particularly important for a healthy pregnancy?

-  A deficiency during pregnancy can cause neural defects such as spina bifida


-  Insufficient folic acid is a contributing factor to low birth weight


-  Low levels can increase the incidence of miscarriage


-  It reduces the risk of preeclampsia


-  It reduces the risk of Downs Syndrome


-  Folic acid stimulates improved lactation


-  Low levels contribute to fatigue


-  It improves firmness of the skin and reduces skin marks and rough skin that some women experience during pregnancy


-  It reduces the incidence of thinning hair and brittle nails that can occur during pregnancy


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