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Hit the Snooooozzze Button – I need more sleep!

  • Did you Know

Researchers have said that people who live the longest sleep for 5 to 6 hours a night


  • However:

People with the shortest lifespan sleep for less than five hours a night or more than ten hours per night.


  • Does Milk before bed help?

Not so – Although milk contains an amino acid called Tryptophan which can help us sleep, it is suppressed by the other amino acids in milk


  • How about apple juice?

As it happens, yes if unsweetened and taken 30 minutes before bedtime


  • Do you have Insomnia?

If so you fall within the 50% of adults who experience insomnia at some stage in their life


  • Do foods help?

Reishi Mushrooms are claimed to be an effective treatment for insomnia


  • And any Supplements?

Magnesium supplementation late evening improves sleep patterns. Higher levels of magnesium in specific brain sites promote sleep quality

Magnesium deficiency was found to delay sleep onset and contributed to age-related insomnia. Foodstate Magnesium is better absorbed, used and retained by the body



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