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How Are Your Energy Levels During Lockdown?

How Are Your Energy Levels During Lockdown?

What a great time to look at lifestyle changes, in particular, how we exercise. It’s fantastic to see so many people out walking, running and cycling, and thankfully most people seem to be respecting distancing rules. But are you suffering from any of the following?

• Lethargy
• Fatigue
• Poor Stamina
• Nervous exhaustion
• Poor sleep patterns
• Recurring injury
• Poor Metabolism


As important as exercise is, it’s inevitable we will burn more nutrition when training, which can lead to one or more of the above. Proper nutrition is fundamental to fitness and avoiding injury

To support our training there are 3 important considerations:

1. EnergyThose nutrients that provide us with energy
2. Healthy JointsThose nutrients that support the health of muscles and joints
3. Healthy DigestionAnd a less obvious but equally important one, the importance of an efficient gut in supporting both of the above



Energy: Nutrients that provide us with energy:

1. GTF Chromium is required for energy production. It enhances the body's production of energy by improving the uptake of glucose into the body's cells where it can be metabolized to produce energy via adenosine triphosphate (ATP) 
• Zinc & Copper: Athletes are at greater risk of Zinc deficiency. Copper is involved in the body's production of energy
• Vitamin CExercise increases the body's requirements for Vitamin C, which alleviates and prevents fatigue. Those with adequate levels of Vit C exhibit 50% less fatigue than those on low dosage. Vit C decreases muscle pain when exercising and helps us repair more quickly
• Vitamin E: Improves athletic performance and helps to prevent damage to the body’s DNA that occurs after exercise. It counteracts the toxic effects of endurance exercise by reducing free radicals. It inhibits muscle damage, weakness and cramps and minimizes muscular atrophy during periods of immobilization
• SeleniumSelenium possesses antioxidant properties and deactivates harmful free radicals. Endurance exercise increases excretion of Selenium from the body. It protects the heart and helps to prevent abnormal blood clotting
• Coenzyme Q10Co-Q10 is a potent antioxidant that improves athletic performance by facilitating the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, and it also improves blood circulation. It improves athletic performance and helps prevent muscle damage
3. Magnesium: It improves athletic performance (via ATP production) and facilitates the production of energy. 80% of us are deficient, and apart from its requirement for bone growth and repair, it’s also required to deliver oxygen and nerve impulses to the muscles. Magnesium increases the capacity for prolonged exercise by up to 50%. Endurance exercise causes the depletion of magnesium. It also alleviates muscle cramps and also improves energy production within the heart.


Understanding carbs, calories, proteins and simple sugars: Food intake based solely upon carb or animal protein loading doesn’t provide proper nutrition for energy. Our digestive process favours fruit and vegetables, and although animal proteins are important to energy production, reliance upon meat protein can lead to a build-up of acid by-products that reduce the ability of cells to produce energy

Simple sugars and energyRefined, processed, overcooked and tinned foods are best avoided. Fizzy drinks used as an energy supply have a high content of processed sugars which are associated both with a reduction in sustained energy production and the experience of hypotension. Consuming natural foods produces higher energy levels and reduces fatigue. Refined sugars also cause excretion of nutrients from the body, especially magnesium, one of the energy-yielding minerals



Protecting and strengthening Muscles and Joints:

  • Joint & bone formula: The muscles require adequate nutrients for over 35 differing activates. The joints are connected by ligaments and these also have special nutrient requirements. This formula has been created from 5 vitamins that are involved with muscle function which help with repair and reduce muscle damage and 7 minerals required for proper muscle activity. The minerals in this formula synergistically function with the vitamins, which can only occur with food nutrients, to create the ultimate joint & bone multi-nutrient
  • Magnesium: Endurance exercise causes the depletion of magnesium, so supplemental magnesium is advised. It alleviates muscle cramps and supports strong bones and teeth
  • Glucosamine is known to many people to be of help with alleviating painful joints and help the healing process of uncomfortable inflammation. Our natural production of Glucosamine reduces from the age of 40
  • Organic Pea Protein: The richest form of vegetable protein and an excellent muscle feed. It is hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten free and high in branched chain amino acid that help build muscles and decrease belly fat. Consuming it activates the release of hormones that make you feel full for longer, reducing snacking habits



Cleansing the GUT of energy depleting waste materials

In brief, cleansing the gut is essential to the proper absorption and utilisation of nutrientsThe role of friendly bacteria is to enhance the health of the digestive process and to facilitate the production of additional nutrients that help support the immune system

  • E505 Probiotic: Consists of nine strains of friendly probiotic bacteria and 1 strain of Pre-biotic that are known to help the good health of our digestive system and scientifically proven to be active in the gut. These friendly bacteria contribute to the immune system function within the gut. 
  • Caprylic Acid: This formula provides a mix of anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents designed to help promote digestive health. It is a natural dietary fatty acid and also comprises garlic powder, oregano, grapefruit seed extract and green tea extract. The role of this product, other than removing candida from the gut, is to promote colon health by gently cleansing the gut
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