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If you want better results when exercising, cleansing the gut is the first priority!

If you want better results when exercising, cleansing the gut is the first priority!

If you’re looking to get fitter and achieve a flatter tummy ready for summer, you’ll no doubt be taking a close look at your diet and exercise regime.

However, before you dust off your running shoes, you could do yourself a favour by making your gut health the first priority.

Millions of people across the UK suffer from bloating, constipation, irregular or irritated bowels as well as many other digestive disorders. Your gut is affected not only by diet, but stress, poor sleep patterns and much of what we encounter on a daily basis.

So the benefits of a good diet can be lost if you are not extracting the nutrition from your food, and if you have a slow digestion, or conversely, a loose stomach, these are causes for concern. The health of your gut is a very good marker of your overall health and the importance of an efficient digestive system cannot be underestimated.

In brief, cleansing the gut is essential to the proper absorption and utilisation of nutrients. By supporting your gut health, you lay the foundations for good digestion and therefore much better results when exercising.
Probiotic E505 supplements
Probiotic E505

This product contains 8 healthy probiotic bacteria and 1 pre-biotic, which prepares the gut for the probiotic. It is clinically proven to be active in the gut after the transit through the acids within the stomach. It helps reduce candida, and prepares the gut for better absorption of nutrients from our food, which in turn, improves the immune system and metabolism.

Caprylic Acid supplements
Caprylic Acid

This formula provides a mix of anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents designed to help promote digestive health. Caprylic Acid is a natural dietary fatty acid which assists in the maintenance of a normal intestinal micro-flora. The formula also comprises garlic powder, oregano, grapefruit seed extract and green tea extract to gently cleanse the gut and speed up the digestive process.

The combination of these two products gives a ‘lighter’ feeling and are helpful not only for your general health, but also as part of an effective weight loss program.

And just a final note on refined sugar. Simply avoid at all costs! Sadly, so many sports drinks, bars and sachets are sugar based and they do nothing to promote our health in any positive way. Excessive refined sugar consumption increases our risk of heart disease, cancer and elevated LDL cholesterol, to name a few!


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