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Lovely Hair, Lovely Skin and Selenium

Lovely Hair, Lovely Skin and Selenium

Selenium, which is desperately lacking in our modern diets, has many benefits for our hair and skin




Research has shown that optimum Selenium:

-  Significantly improves hair condition


-  Significantly reduces brittle hair


-  Helps reduce the incidence of split ends


-  Can improve the “glowing appearance” of hair


-  Can increase hair thickness and nail length


-  Can, together with optimum copper and zinc, help facilitate hair growth and help prevent hair loss


-  Together with optimum copper and zinc helps reduce greying hair




Research has shown that optimum Selenium:

-  Can increase Skin Thickness


-  Reduces skin roughness and skin scaling


-  Improved the effect of the powerful antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase and there was an improvement with skin condition and a reduction of acne symptoms and an improvement with psoriasis


-  Improves scalp and skin atopic dermatitis


-  People who experience Acne have been found to have low levels of selenium


Note: changing to a diet that contains more alkali forming foods rather than acid forming foods has been shown to help the condition of both Hair and Skin.


Good food sources (low acid forming) of selenium include:

-  Most fruits (except blueberries, plumbs and prunes)


-  Most fruit juices


-  Practically all vegetables


-  Most vegetable juices


-  Many nuts


-  Many grains


-  Live Yogurt


-  Most herbs


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