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New Look – Same Great Products!

New Look – Same Great Products!

The Jersey Foodstate Company is no longer! We have re-named and re-branded to The Foodstate Company


What does the new website provide?

  •         An exceptional range of foodstate supplements
  •         “Age-Related” programs which provide easy-to-follow programs to support our various stages in life
  •         “Common Ailments” programs which list conditions which are prevalent in our society
  •         A Blog with new articles daily, offering great tips on staying healthy
  •         Brief videos with important messages about the health choices we make
  •         An improved user experience to make browsing and purchasing products much easier



And check out our 5 brief videos! Follow the links below to learn more about:




Why are we so adamant about the importance of Food nutrients?

Ordinary supplements can be purchased across the globe under literally thousands of brand names and in varying price brackets. The reality is, the ingredients in all of these products come from the same handful of big pharmaceutical companies, and those ingredients are cheap! Vitamins are created in synthetic form and minerals in an inorganic chemical form. Our message to people, which has become very much our company mantra, is this: None of these ingredients exist anywhere on this planet in live food, and as such we have not evolved to recognise and use them effectively.

We need food nutrients, which is exactly what we provide with our excellent range of Foodstate supplements making them much better absorbed, used and retained than ordinary supplements.


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