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Nothing Quite Replaces a Strong Immune System!

Nothing Quite Replaces a Strong Immune System!

If there is something we can all agree on it’s that the vaccines will unlock the world and allow us to return to some sort of normality. You may want of be at the front of the queue or you might remain a little reticent about having a jab, but whatever your view - nothing quite replaces a healthy body and a strong immune system for the months and years ahead


UK Government to give 2.7 million people free Vitamin D: Vitamin D is life-saving and it’s a shame it hasn’t received more publicity. Ivor Cummins in his excellent The Fat Emperor Podcast has gathered data and statistics on the increased risk of death for those contracting the virus who are Vitamin D deficient, and it’s frightening! What are healthy levels?

  • 30ng/ml is a sufficient, healthy level

  • 20 – 30ng/ml is an insufficient level

  • Under 20ng/ml is a deficient level


The associational risk of death for those Vitamin D insufficient is nearly 8 times higher. The risk of death for those deficient is 10 times higher – so this is a sobering statistic!


Those with dark skin are at higher risk: Darker skinned people are prone to more deficiency, especially in our climate, because their skin naturally filters out a lot more UV. We are seeing much higher death rates in darker-skinned people

Dietary Sources of Vitamin D: Meat, oily fish, fortified cereals and dairy products, eggs and certain mushrooms (exposed to UV light) are all high in Vitamin D

Get more sun: Natural sunlight is the cheapest way of getting sufficient Vitamin D but it’s a rare commodity during the UK winter! 

Foodstate Vitamin D: Foodstate Vitamin D is better absorbed, used and retained than ordinary Vitamin D supplements. As generous as it is of the Government, it’s worth remembering that most vitamin D supplements are in fact inactive, and this inactive “storage” form is not easily absorbed and used by the body. Our Foodstate vitamin D is the biologically active form and we have recently increased the dosage from 1000iu to 2000iu




Other Measures To Support Your Immune System:

Diet: Whilst Foodstate supplements offer effective health benefits, we must remember that our diet is fundamental to a healthy body and a strong immune system. In particular, try to focus on alkalising your diet, eating plenty of “live” foods, especially green veggies. Avoid stimulant and refined foods, especially those containing refined sugar and saturated fats. The message is simple – stick to nature!

Foodstate Supplements are the closest thing we have to food nutrients. We produce them to share exactly the same structure as those created by the plant. Here are a number of products that directly improve your Immune System:

Zinc: This mineral acts as an antioxidant and is an important mineral in its role as a viral invader, as long as it can be absorbed properly, which rules out most Zinc supplements. Foodstate Zinc is much better absorbed, used and retained than other forms and we add the food mineral copper, which further helps absorption

Selenium: An equally underrated mineral, Selenium is essential to a strong immune system and boosts our defences and resistance to infection. Low levels are associated with depression and other mental disorders – particularly relevant at the moment. This particular mineral has suffered significant depletion from farm soils, and 80 - 90% of Brits are considered deficient. Ordinary selenium supplements have toxicity issues, so only take Foodstate Selenium

Vitamin C: Widely known as important to the immune system, and water soluble so not a vitamin we can store. It improves the outcome of patients with Sepsis and Respiratory Infections. You can take plenty of Foodstate Vitamin C, unlike the synthetic version (ascorbic acid) which can cause intestinal discomfort

Beta Glucans: These plant glucans are potent antioxidants with a unique quality to help fight viruses. Beta-Glucans 1,3 and 1,6 help activate the immune system, alerting the body to help defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders. Many healthcare Practitioners use them to help boost patients’ immunity and fight disease

Probiotic E505: It is always important to include this product when talking about the immune system, because it improves the gut’s ability to efficiently digest the nutrition from your food. The truth is, foods like refined sugars and carbohydrates, prescribed drugs (in particular antibiotics) and a lack of “live” food, diminish the function of the gut and hence the immune system



Mental Health:

We all have stresses and strains at the moment that challenge our mental health. We recommend 2 products to support your mental health:


Karoshil is a foodstate supplement providing nutrients that play a role in normal neurological and cardiac function and helps reduce the various stresses and strains involved in modern living. It has been created for the specific purpose of supporting people living high-stress lives and suffering from tiredness and fatigue, anxiety and depression.  It is predominantly a B vitamin product and B vitamins are regarded a great “pick-me-up”, and it also contains:

  1. Magnesium: Alleviates stress by improving the function of the adrenal glands and by counteracting stress-induced magnesium depletion

  2. Zinc: Zinc deficiency can lower the body's adaptability to stress

  3. Selenium: Research has shown that the optimum Foodstate Selenium provides a host of health benefits for the Nervous System

  4. Eleutherococcus (Siberian red ginseng): Recognised as an anti-stress treatment


Karoshil is one of our highest repeat-sales product because it works effectively to help with negative emotional states, improves sleep patterns and boosts energy levels

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