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The following nutrients that are known to assist with weight loss and the re-shaping of body mass:2

GTF Chromium is a most beneficial mineral supplement in a food form. This mineral in the GTF form helps to facilitate the proper utilisation of sugars in the blood (glucose).
Magnesium is another key nutrient as it is estimated that 8 out 10 people are deficient in this important mineral. Magnesium an essential nutrient to provide energy to the cell to remove waste materials from the body.
Anti-oxidants with Co enzyme Q10 As we release adipose tissue (fat) from our body we also release toxins. The sensible help to our body It is sensible to supplement with additional anti-oxidants during this process, and for several months after to ensure that toxins are removed as much as possible from the body. Many of the released toxins have the potential to form into Harmful Free Radicals without adequate antioxidants. Co enzyme Q10 is also known to protect the heart and gut, and provides valuable support during the re-shaping program.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural substance found in many natural and unprocessed foods. The levels in foods are generally low and supplemental CLA is thought by many to be sensible. It has antioxidant activity as well as helping to strengthen muscles and stimulates the process of thermogenesis (burning calories from fatty tissue) and lipolysis (converting fats in tissue to valuable nutrients). This enzyme is valuable in many additional beneficial metabolic functions to the immune system.


As a broad guide we can say that obesity is characterized by excess adipose tissue (body fat). We can also say that obesity is applied to people who are more than 20% above their recommended body weight as measured by body mass index. Another common means of determining obesity is the waist-to-hip ratio.


A healthy body fat percentage for women is 20% to 30% and for men it is 8% to 20%. One pound of human body fat contains 3,500 calories. In the USA, approximately 35% of women and 31% of men older than 19 are obese or overweight.


In the USA and parts of the EU conservative statistics outline that approximately 20% - 25% of children are obese or overweight.

At some stage, 78% of women and 40% of men (in Western nations) have attempted to lose weight through dieting. The key aspects to weight loss include new dietary approaches that include a high proportion of raw foods (appropriate vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains etc.), and the importance of adequate water should not be underestimated. Organic meats and poultry are another key factor. Refined carbohydrates in any form (other than an occasional treat) should be avoided. The principle is that real foods have a structure that the body recognises and copes with and even seemingly large quantities can be processed without weight gain. It is those foods that cannot be recognised by the body, and in particular the digestive system, that are often the problem. To facilitate weight loss and reshaping of the body, there is a requirement for many amino acids to facilitate this process that are found in foods, however be aware of many standard protein products (especially those used by bodybuilders) because the proteins within them are generally provided in a non soluble form. Not only does the body require soluble proteins (amino acids) to function at optimum levels, but insoluble protein will damage the kidneys. All the Food State supplements are in an amino acid base in a soluble form.



Additional helpful substances that assist with weight re-shaping are as follows:


  1. Foodstate multivitamin and mineral supplement with trace elements. This supplement will supply many nutrients that are often in short supply in the food chain due to the soil being over chemicalised in the past 50-60 years. Many nutrients are now almost absent from our farm soils, and some nutrients are at levels 90% lower than 60 years ago. This also results in the fruits from these trees being depleted and of course the animals that eat the grasses are also depleted. The so-called “natural” supplements do not supply either the form of nutrient or the nutrient structures that our bodies can process because they are not in a food form, unlike the foodstate nutrients.


  1. Ginseng is known to help the process of thermogenesis (burning calories from fatty tissue).


  1. Milk Thistle is a herb that has antioxidant properties, the liver is a key organ within the body that can be overworked during weight re-shaping and this herb contains substances that are known to help remove waste from the liver and actually helps regenerate liver function.