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Ready To Dip Your Toes In The Sea?

Ready To Dip Your Toes In The Sea?

Fish Oils are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and they are known to improve blood circulation

Why Is Oily Fish Good For Us? We often hear about the benefits of oily fish, but why is it so good for us? It’s because it contains Omega 3 DHA and EPA Fatty Acids:

-  Omega 3 fatty acid - DHA is essential for the nervous system and learning behaviour and is often referred to as “brain food”. DHA is an essential for a healthy nervous system.


-  DHA supports a healthy heart and promotes cardiovascular health


-  EPA helps maintain a healthy heart and circulation. These oils act like “anti-freeze” in fish and they have a positive effect in humans by improving blood circulation


-  EPA is an important fatty acid that helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and tryglycerol levels


There is no doubt that oily fish have significant health benefits, but there is caveat to that:

Both cod liver oil and whole body fish oil contain good levels of EPA and DHA. However, sadly many of our oceans are now polluted and these pollutants collect in the livers of oily fish. Hence there is always likely to be a greater risk of pollutants in fish liver oils than in whole body fish oils. All fish oil products sold by The Foodstate Company are extracted from whole fish which have had the livers removed to guarantee they are absolutely clean, stable and have no trace of any of the ocean pollutants, heavy metals etc. (Detection is now possible in parts per million).



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