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Rosy Cheeks or Pale Cheeks. It’s all about Iron

Rosy Cheeks or Pale Cheeks. It’s all about Iron

“Rosy cheeks” indicate no Iron deficiency.

“Pale cheeks” indicate a possible Iron deficiency.


Place one of your hands flat on a table (palm down) and press firmly down on one fingernail to force all the blood out of the underlying nail-bed.  When you remove pressure, watch to see if rosy pink colour returns immediately.  If there is no colour change, this may indicate an Iron deficiency


Why is Iron so Important?

 -  It combines with protein and copper to make haemoglobin which carries oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues

-  It is involved with enzymes related to energy metabolism

-  It is involved in the production of certain neuro-transmitters related to behaviour

-  It is involved in maintaining a healthy immune system

-  It is necessary for the metabolism of B vitamins



Why might you choose to take extra Iron/Molybdenum?

-  If you are drinking excessive amounts of tea or coffee

-  If you have excessive blood loss during menstruation

-  If you are a child experiencing rapid growth

-  If you are pregnant or lactating (check with your Doctor)

-  If you are anaemic

-  Molybdenum is added because it is vital part of the enzyme responsible for iron utilisation


Why Foodstate Iron?

Foodstate Iron presented to your body in exactly the same form as food iron. Foodstate nutrients have been tested by independent laboratories who found that they:

-  Are significantly better absorbed, longer retained and better used than standard chemical supplements

-  Do not need to be taken with food as it contains all the necessary food factors needed for absorption

-  Have no known allergic reactions

-  Are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans


A brief word about Ordinary Iron Supplements: We need about 3mg of Food Iron per day but if your Doctor prescribes you iron it is likely to be in the form of 300mg Ferrous Sulphate tablets, an inorganic, chemical form of iron and quite frankly a dreadful material. Ferrous sulphate is used as a fertilizer, wood preservative, weed-killer, and pesticide, and it is the most common form of iron supplement

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