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Selenium and its Enormous Benefits to our Immune System

Selenium is a very important antioxidant micro-mineral for our immune system, and despite only being needed in small quantities, those small quantities are vital to good health

The quantity of selenium in our foods varies significantly depending on the soil selenium levels where the crops are grown. A concerning statistic is that in Britain, nearly 90% of people are selenium deficient, and the importance of selenium cannot be overstated

Cell Mutations:

This mineral is essential for our immune systems and optimum selenium levels have been shown in clinical studies to help reduce the risk of developing many different forms of undesirable Cell Mutations. Optimum levels stimulate and increase white blood cells that defend the body against foreign organisms by producing more Antibodies

The Heart:

Optimum selenium levels help protect our cardiovascular system for a healthy heart

Digestive System:

Many common ailments are often associated with a compromised digestive system, causing more detrimental bacteria/microorganisms which “crowd out” the beneficial bacteria. Selenium helps inhibit the development of (and helps kill) many types of detrimental microorganisms. People with digestive complaints are often Selenium deficient


Proper levels of selenium help to block the entry to cells of harmful antigens and selenium is necessary to help reduce inflammation


Selenium can be useful for the treatment and prevention of auto-immune diseases


200mcg of selenium daily may help to prevent age-related macular degeneration


Optimum levels can improve prostate function and help prevent enlarged prostate

Selenium Depletion:

Some of the common substances that may deplete the body's reserves of selenium even further include:

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Mercury dental fillings

  • Aluminium cans and cookware

  • Intensive exercise

  • Stress

Ageing Process:

Researchers have shown that optimum selenium can slow down the ageing process and increase our lifespan