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Should We Wear Masks?

Should We Wear Masks?

Or perhaps a better question would be: Should we wear masks if we could get hold of them?


I recently travelled through Geneva airport, Gatwick airport and Jersey airport and it was interesting to note that face masks were commonplace in Geneva, less so in Gatwick and absolutely non-existent in Jersey. I am sure this was relative to the seriousness of the outbreak in each destination. But the big question is:


Do They Work With COVID-19? If you are wearing them to help prevent catching the virus then the answer is no. Why?


It would seem logical that if you cover your nose and mouth with a mask or even a scarf, it would partially filter out viruses. But flu virus particles are too small for a face mask to offer protection

  • Surgical masks are not designed to protect against airborne pathogens

  • Surgical masks do not offer respiratory protection

  • They don’t forma proper seal around your face

  • People wearing them are more inclined to touch their face regularly increasing the risk of infection


So when should you wear one? 

  • If you are infected with flu, they help prevent the spread of the virus if you sneeze or cough

  • If you are caring for infected patients


So the best advice is to leave them for healthcare staff



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