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Some People Get 10 Colds A Year!

Some People Get 10 Colds A Year!

The common cold was the subject of a Jeremy Vine discussion on Radio 2 recently, and some people admitted to getting 10 colds a year!

There are a number of obvious culprits in spreading this nasty little bug, many of which relate to hygiene, for example not washing your hands after you sneeze or cough. But here’s a thought:


Why doesn’t everyone catch a cold? As soon as someone in the family gets a cold everyone else expects the inevitable. But often, one member of the family avoids it despite being as exposed to it as everyone else in the household. Why? It all comes down to the strength of each person’s immunity.

It is believed that over 150 different viral agents contribute to common colds, which is exacerbated by poor lifestyle habits. There is no secret why fit and healthy people are less likely to succumb to colds, flu and most other disease processes. A cold or flu will manifest itself if your immunity isn’t strong enough to combat it at its inception. You may choose to take the route of an annual flu jab or take anti-congestants and curl up in bed for a few days, but a better approach, and certainly a much healthier one, is to take steps to boost your immunity.


Boosting the Immune System: The following Foodstate program includes immune-boosting nutrients like Zinc and Vitamin C which are known to strengthen the immunity and improve your health in a multitude of ways. A stronger immune system will either prevent you contracting a cold in the first place, or at the very least enable you to get over it more quickly and without many of the usual symptoms that disrupt your daily life.


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