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Supplements are No Good if you Can’t Absorb them!

Supplements are No Good if you Can’t Absorb them!

In nature, nutrients are only created in food form, yet 98% of supplements are produced in chemical/synthetic form, and they are not found in this form in live food anywhere on this planet, and that should concern us. My advice is to always read the back of the label to learn the truth about the source of the particular mineral or vitamin you are purchasing.


Foodstate supplements are much better absorbed, used and retained by the body. Here are a few examples from independent laboratory tests:

-  Foodstate Vitamin C is 1210% better absorbed than ascorbic acid


-  Foodstate Vitamin E is 9.4 times better retained than so-called “natural” Vitamin E (alpha-3 tocopherol)


-  Foodstate Zinc was found to be 75% better absorbed than Zinc Sulphate


-  Foodstate Magnesium is significantly better absorbed than Magnesium oxide or Magnesium glycinate


And so the list goes on….

The reason is simple: We have evolved to only recognise and use food nutrients effectively. We have not evolved to recognise and use chemical/synthetic nutrients effectively because they are foreign to us, and we simply do not have receptor sites for them.


Foodstate Supplements are created with fully-formed food nutrients, just as they are in nature


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