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The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System

The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System

BBC1 broadcasted an interesting program on Wednesday, hosted by Dr Ronx Ikharia called “The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System”. It highlighted the importance of a robust immune system in the fight against Covid-19


A Healthy Biome: I was delighted to see particular focus on the importance of a healthy gut, and how intrinsically linked it is to our immune system. A poor diet with limited variety of foods, refined and processed foods, preservatives and sucrose all contribute to the destruction of healthy gut bacteria, and that renders the gut less capable of extracting nutrients from our food, leading to a diminished immune system. Examples of foods that support a healthy gut are:

• Asparagus
• Garlic
• Grains
• Leeks
• Legumes (pulses peas and beans)
• Onions
• Seeds


Fibre: An essential contributor to a healthy gut. Fibre within the diet contributes to healthy gut function and improves our ability to fight off unhealthy bacterial invaders 


Probiotics: Sadly this wasn’t discussed within the program, but taking a good quality probiotic at least once a year and immediately after a course of antibiotics is a highly effective way to replace lost healthy bacteria, improving the immune system and reducing conditions of inflammation. The Foodstate Company’s E505 Probiotic/Prebiotic is an excellent example, used by clinicians and proven to be active within the gut


Supplements: I always feel frustrated when this particular subject is so poorly represented, because I have yet to see a medic or broadcaster ever make a distinction between the nutrients in a supplement and the nutrients in a vegetable. I am not a fan of ordinary supplements because they do not contain any of the “food” factors of the nutrients in live food, making them difficult to absorb, use and retain. Foodstatesupplements however, are made with all of the food factors found in live food, making them eminently healthier and better absorbed, used and retained. It’s equally frustrating when they conclude that all you need, to get your broad spectrum of nutrients is a balanced diet, when you consider that the majority of the UK population is deficient in 3 fundamental minerals – Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium, mainly because they are deficient in the farm soil


Conclusion: Every single function of the human body requires nutrients to work effectively. A balanced diet is fundamental to improved health but we cannot get all we need from plants grown in compromised soil. Most supplements have little relation to food because they are synthetic and inorganic. Foodstate supplements are created with nutrients that have the same structure as plant nutrients, making them a much more effective choice

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