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Wholefood, Food-Based, Natural…What does it all mean?

Wholefood, Food-Based, Natural…What does it all mean?

These 3 expressions are widely used to describe the supplements of literally thousands of different brands, but what do they mean?


In Reality? Absolutely nothing!


Is It Natural? Every week I am asked by customers what they think of this that and the third ingredient which they have been recommended because apparently, it is “natural”. Poor regulation allows manufacturers to use these descriptions with impunity, and it is misleading. An inorganic mineral is often natural because it exists in nature, but is it any good for us? Nope!


Plants Can Eat Rocks – Humans Can’t


The food chain works like this: A plant takes an inorganic nutrient out of the soil (think of it as a miniature rock) through the hyphae on its roots. It fundamentally changes the structure of the nutrient by adding numerous components, as shown in the “Food” column in this diagram:

99% of supplements belong in the right-hand column, “Isolated Chemical”. Foodstate supplements are represented in the 2nd column, “Food Structure”, making them the only form of supplement that can rightfully use the descriptions Wholefood, Food-Based, Natural because they share the exact same structure as a nutrient created by the plant

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