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Winter’s Coming – How Strong Is Your Immune System?

Winter’s Coming – How Strong Is Your Immune System?

The medical profession is highly recommending the Flu Vaccine as an effective preventative step against contracting flu, however I wouldn’t be too hasty to rush to your Doctor to get a jab. I don’t want to be too controversial about the flu jab – all I would say is, at the very least, do a bit of research to see what is in it and what the success rate is before proceeding


A healthier way: A more holistic approach is to develop a stronger immune system, and this newsletter offers helpful advice on how to do that.  A stronger immune system provides us with better health, and the healthier we are the happier we are!


What Causes Poor Health? Our diet is fundamental to good health, however we face certain challenges today:

  • Nearly all human disease is linked to nutritional deficiency

  • A plant is only as healthy as the soil in which it grows

  • Farm soils are 70% - 80% deplete of nutrients they contained 100 years ago

  • Only 8 of the 60 minerals we need for optimum health exist in any kind of quantity in our farm soils today

  • Cooking methods, poor digestion, medications and processed foods further deplete the body of essential nutrients


Result? Weaker immunities and compromised health

The Solution? Food-based supplements to improve our health



We Have An Abundance Of Food: Despite this, never in our history has the immune system been so exposed to altered and chemically produced foods. There are many lifestyle aspects to consider, including stress, emotions and diet, which create an imbalance in our health. We all know of the basic guidelines of eating less fat, sugar and salt, and to increase our fibre intake, but also, food should be enjoyed, so as a general rule of thumb try to eat as much fresh, raw food as possible and lightly cooked leaf and root vegetables


Beware: Marketing of Foodstuffs Is Very Persuasive! What we need the most of are:

  • Nutritional foods, which are the vibrant, nutrient-rich foods that enhance our wellbeing


What we need the least of are:

  • Stimulant foods, which are unhelpful foods like refined sugars, sweeteners, fried foods, carbonated drinks, refined flour, confectionery, all created by scientists to tempt us, adding undesirable chemicals to our diet

  • Intellectual foods, created by marketing departments for profit and to appeal to our intellects, but offer little health benefit, for example so-called “health spreads” to replace butter


To improve our immunity let’s consider some of the “re-balancing” opportunities:

Water, a key factor in maintaining the energy and efficiency of the human organism. It should be as pure as possible, without pesticides, organic compounds, hormones, and water processing chemicals. Water from glass bottles is preferable, and carbon filters are effective purifiers

Can Nature Provide? We should not ignore the benefits of modern medicine, but nature is a wonderful provider. The media promotes dieting but most diets are faddish and not based on the principle that “nature cures”. Modern food has been so altered that nature is unable to fully achieve its healing objective. Depleted soils create depleted plant materials, which not only affect us directly, but also provide inadequate nutrition to the animals we eat



Supplementation Becomes Necessary: This is where choices become very important. Nature has not created us to recognize nutrients in a chemical/synthetic form, yet virtually all so-called “natural” supplements are created this way. None of these so-called “natural” vitamin and mineral supplements exist anywhere on this planet in live food and that should concern us. We can only truly benefit from nutrients in a food form, and that is exactly what we create with the foodstate products, making them much easier to absorb, use and retain in the body


6 Products That Help Support A Healthy Immune System:

Multivitamin: A food based broad-spectrum with minerals and trace elements

Multi-Anti-oxidant: Food based formula with Co-Q10, Vitamin C and E, Zinc, Selenium and Bioflavinoids, which reduce harmful free radicals within the body and provide significant support to the immune system

Essential fatty acids to support many important metabolic processes involving the immune system

Probiotic/prebiotic bacteria, friendly bacteria that help the intestine absorb beneficial nutrients and help remove toxic waste. A healthy gut is intrinsically linked to a healthy body

Bromelain, an enzyme known to help reduce inflammation and support digestion. It also breaks down fibrin in the blood, protecting the heart

Magnesium, required by each cell in the body to deliver nutrients, remove waste, support bones, reduce stress, release energy and support nerve function. It is estimated that 80% of Brits are Magnesium deficient

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