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Zinc - A Master Mineral for The Immune System

Zinc - A Master Mineral for The Immune System

During the pandemic, Zinc is one of the potent antioxidant nutrients that is recommended for supporting your immune system


A Powerful Antioxidant:

This powerful antioxidant mineral helps to treat the common cold, flu, and helps prevent bacterial and viral diseases.


Healthy Skin

Zinc helps enhance the health and appearance of skin by stimulating collagen, a protein that keeps the skin soft, supple and younger looking. Almost 20% of our zinc is stored in the skin


Mental Health:

Our brain needs optimum zinc to improve memory, learning and mood. Zinc deficiency has been linked with anxiety and depression


Sexual Performance:

Research has found that zinc can improve Sexual Performance. Because zinc is concentrated in the prostate gland, male impotence can be caused by zinc deficiency


Sense of Taste:

Poor sense of taste is experienced this can be the result of zinc deficiency, increased sense of thirst can also be associated with a zinc deficiency


Body Odour:

Body odour can result when there is a of Zinc deficiency.



As a result of zinc deficiency the Nails may show white specks or nails that split easily may occur.


Digestive health:

Optimum zinc has been shown to be beneficial for many disturbances of the Digestive System


Zinc in the Diet:

Surveys found that 70% of the adult population of western nations are deficient in zinc due to poor quality farm soil


Foodstate Zinc:

In Peer reviewed studies the Foodstate Zinc was much more effective compared to ordinary zinc supplements, with 72% more absorbed into blood and 87% more retained in liver and excreted much more slowly demonstrating that the Food State Zinc is much better absorbed used and retained than other forms of Zinc


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