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“1 Teaspoon Per Limb” of Sunscreen

“1 Teaspoon Per Limb” of Sunscreen

Advice on Radio 2 recently for those going to Glastonbury, is to apply a teaspoon of factor 50 sunscreen to each limb, but is this great advice?

The most important objective is to not burn your skin, and if you are exposed to the sun all day at this time of year, you need to be careful. However you should be aware of the nasty chemicals in sunscreens, and choose your brand carefully. If you havn’t seen this short video clip then it is really worth watching because it exposes the dangers of sunscreens:



Why Are Most Sunscreens Dangerous?

Sadly they contain a whole list of toxins, some of which are known carcinogens. Worryingly, there are many toxins in sunscreens that are banned in food, so we are not allowed to eat them but we can still put them on our skin, and we will still absorb them transdermally in to the bloodstream. There is a clear link to these nasty toxins and skin cancer, so the very thing you are taking to avoid skin cancer could be the very thing causing it  


Are There Healthy Sunscreens?

Yes, there are organic sunscreens that are considerably healthier. Brands I recommend are Yaoh, Jason and there is a good quality organic Aloe Vera brand available at Barannes in St. Helier. Unlike many oily sunscreens, these organic ones are more inclined to get washed off in water, so always re-apply after swimming


Vitamin D:  We generate Vitamin D by exposing the skin to sun. If you are disinclined to expose yourself to the sun then I would definitely recommend taking Foodstate Vitamin D because it plays a number of vital roles in the body, including protecting us from skin cancer

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