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Your Liver Works Hard So Look After It!

Your Liver Works Hard So Look After It!

The human liver processes 3 pints of blood per minute. It is remarkably good at regenerating itself but needs a bit if help to remain efficient


Here’s a sobering thought: Not one cell in your liver today will be there in 90 days time – you would have completely rebuilt it! The liver has considerable influence over the quality of fluids circulating around the body delivering nutrients and removing waste. The liver’s main functions are in digestion, assimilation and storage of nutrients, red blood cell production and detoxification. The latter is the most vital to the body’s wellbeing, especially when we consider our daily bombardment of toxins.



Diet Is Important: With healthy lifestyle choices the liver will retain its efficiency and neutralise these toxins and is best supported by a diet rich in organic, unrefined and unprocessed foods, in particular fruits and veg. We need 4 pints of plain bottled or filtered water daily. Replacing caffeinated drinks with something herbal like grated ginger root is stimulating to the liver


Alcohol: We all know that too much alcohol puts the liver under stress. Prior to 2016 the recommended weekly limits were 21 units for men and 14 units for women, but in 2016 the Public Health guidelines were revised to 14 units for men and women. Because the liver is so remarkably good at regenerating itself and surviving under stress, it can reduce to 10% function before chronic liver disease can become evident to an alcoholic. The message here is that liver disease can be happening without us realising it


2 Days Off Per Week: It’s summer so we are all inclined to drink a bit more, but a sensible habit to adopt is to have 2 completely clear days off alcohol per week. We store Magnesium in the liver and a bottle of wine will destroy 60% of it, so supplemental foodstate Magnesium is advised



How Do Foodstate Nutrients Support The Liver? 


Multi-Vitamin & Mineral formula: A broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients that support liver function.  

Vitamin B Complex: B vitamins are involved in liver detoxification.  

Multi Antioxidant With Co-Q10 containing:

-  Vitamin C is depleted by detoxification reactions, and depletion of it impairs detoxification.  Therefore a daily supplement is useful to safeguard intake  

-  Vitamin E is a very powerful free radical scavenger and therefore a daily supplement can again be useful to safeguard intake

-  Selenium is being progressively depleted from soil, and therefore may not be provided in sufficient quantities by vegetables

-  Zinc is especially useful for drinkers, who need a zinc dependent enzyme in the liver to detoxify alcohol 

-  CoQ10 is a particularly useful antioxidant for the liver

Milk Thistle is a herb renowned for its liver protecting properties and helps protect it from damaging free radicals

Probiotic living in the gut are vital to general function and well-being and are extremely useful in liver detoxification to help combat harmful bacteria



Summary of Daily Supplements to Support Liver Detoxification


1x Multi-Vitamin and mineral tablet twice daily

1 x Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10 capsule twice daily 

1 x Milk Thistle capsule twice per day

1 x Vitamin B complex tablet 

1 x Magnesium daily

1 x heaped teaspoon of Probiotic for 2 weeks


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