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Additional Nutrients Are Important For A Healthy Pregnancy

Additional Nutrients Are Important For A Healthy Pregnancy

It’s an often repeated mantra that we should be able to get everything we need from a “well- balanced diet”, and whilst an attractive notion, the reality is our farm soils simply don’t provide what we need on a daily basis – in fact only 8 of the 60 minerals we need for optimum health exist in any kind of quantity in the food we eat today!


So logic tells us: To create and support a new life a Mother needs extra nutrition to replace what is absent within even the most carefully constructed diet. Expectant Mothers often look towards supplementation as a solution, however, the chemical/synthetic supplements that are most commonly available cause concern at this vulnerable time when Mothers want only the best for their unborn child. Our Foodstate formula enables Mothers to obtain essential nutrients from complexed food structures (from plants) that the body can absorb, use and retain in a completely natural way with no concern for toxicity or side effects.

From 240 research papers, this multi-nutrient foodstate supplement has been created to provide important, healthy nutrition for women pre-conception, during pregnancy and post-birth.



Our Foodstate Pregnancy Formula contains 26 food nutrients, all relevant to a healthy pregnancy. Here are some of the nutrients included:

Removing toxins:

  • Vitamin C and Zinc are both helpful in reducing cadmium levels, which is particularly helpful for detoxifying a smoker’s body

  • Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 can help protect against lead toxicity

  • Selenium is particularly helpful at reducing mercury levels in the body

  • Beta-carotene helps in general detoxification by helping to activate necessary enzymes.

  • GTF Chromium and Manganese are also protective against heavy metal toxins

  • Essential fatty acids found within flaxseed (linseed), evening primrose and fish oils are very helpful in helping the body build healthy cells

  • Zinc: To initiate contractions, the body needs to increase its copper levels and then decrease its zinc levels. After birth, however, this ratio needs to revert back to zinc in higher concentrations, in order to help the mother respond to her baby’s needs. It is thought that post-natal depression is linked to an incorrect ratio between zinc and copper, as well as other mineral deficiencies. Taking extra zinc after birth helps to make up for the large amount lost in the placenta

  • Preeclampsia: A form of pregnancy-induced hypertension that can develop for many mothers from the 20th week of pregnancy due to Vitamin B2 deficiency

  • Folic Acid has been shown help to prevent miscarriages. The body’s requirement for Folic Acid during pregnancy doubles and a deficiency can cause neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Low Folic Acid intake has been associated with low birth weight. Research in Canada showed that women who consumed Folic Acid during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy had a 63% reduction in their risk of preeclampsia

  • Lactation: Folic Acid supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in stimulating good lactation

  • Downs Syndrome: Folic Acid has been shown to reduce the risk of Downs Syndrome. Research found that Folic Acid and Iron supplementation appeared to have a preventative effect against Down’s syndrome



Is the Pregnancy Formula All You Need?

It is a comprehensive multi-nutrient designed to provide all the nutrients you need, based on taking 1 tablet twice per day away from food. Other products that will help are:

  • EFA Complex (essential fatty acid): Helps build healthy new cells

  • Probiotic E505: Soothes the stomach, strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation


Why Foodstate Nutrients? Our Foodstate combination formula provides nutrients in complexed food structures in the same form they are found in food, rather than isolated chemical structures found in supplements, so compared to ordinary supplements there is no worry about toxicity and side-effects

Please email for a full description of the Pregnancy formula multi-nutrient, and a full diet and lifestyle guide



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