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Are You Hitting The Gym?

Are You Hitting The Gym?

To support an effective and healthy training program, in terms of nutrition there are 3 important considerations:

-  Which nutrients provide us with energy 

-  Which nutrients support the health of muscles and joints 

-  The importance of an efficient gut in supporting both of the above


Energy-Producing Vitamins: Most B vitamins (all in the Foodstate B complex), Vitamin C, Vitamin K

Energy-Producing Minerals: Magnesium, Copper, GTF Chromium, Iodine, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium

Healthy Muscles and Joints: Our Joint and Bone Formula contains 12 foodstate nutrients that all support the health of muscles and joints


Healthy Gut Function: This must be included in any health regime because our overall health is dependent on the gut’s ability to assimilate nutrients. Our Probiotic E505 contains 8 healthy probiotic bacteria and 1 healthy prebiotic to support the function of the gut. Caprylic Acid is a healthy fatty acid and a selection of herbs that help remove candida from the gut and help clean the gut, removing unwanted matter


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